28th September - Warren CP - Stat Nav + Chesty

It was a beautiful and warm day as we hashers gathered in the car park, about 18 in all. The virgin hares stood looking nervous as we all drew up. Chesty managed to find her voice though and bellowed at us to 'CIRCLE UP!' We were given some hash instructions, the most prominent being that there were two water obstacles, if we avoided the 1st, we would be unceremoniously dunked in the 2nd! We set off wary of every sign of water. We ended up in the forest getting a little lost as the dew had disposed of quite a bit of flour. We came across a few fish hooks, which the usual suspects had to do. After about half an hour we arrived at a hash halt next to the car park? What's going on we all thought, we haven't had the sweetie stop yet??? It was there that Stat Nav admitted he'd made the rookie error of crossing the car park mid hash. I think everyone must've been feeling kind because I didn't hear anyone demanding a case of beer?!
Through the car park and on a little further, we reached the sweetie stop. Fruit pastilles, liquorice allsorts and minstrels, didn't make the same mistake as Groucho last week then?! It was here that we had an impromptu massage stop. Odd Bitz seemed to be performing some kind of therapy on Fruity, it looked more like CPR, but with Fruity the wrong way round. Anyway, everyone gamely joined in and 'helped' cure her ailment! The time at this stage was about ten to twelve so a call of On! On! A2B was called and we proceeded.
After a nice stretch of running we all split up, unintentionally, with Odd Bitz, Radiohead and Woodpecker striding off into the distance. Despite our calls of On Back, they thought they knew better and disappeared. We all waited at the regroup, where the hares made an executive decision to miss out a loop of the run as time was beginning to get on. Heading down a steep slope, Groucho decided the only way down was to slide on ones bum! We all quickly said, 'Tampa's nowhere near you this time!' We met up with the escapees and started the route back toward the car park.
This was the time the water obstacles became apparent! Almost everyone went through, yes I mean you Fruity, oh yes, and Woodpecker! Even Odd Bitz who deemed it necessary to remove his socks and trainers first, that'll teach him to wear clean trainers! Having completed this pool he carefully replaced socks and shoes not realising there was a 2nd! He skived out of this one along with Woodpecker...again! We all squelched our way back up the hill to the car park to find Tampa waiting there.
Fines were duly handed out for assorted misdemeanors one being 'camp calling' which seemed to be Tail Lamps' forte!
Well done hares on your first hash, a very good job. Next time though, we'd like a beer stop incorporated after the 1st 6 miles please!


  1. Its seven days since Stat Navs hash and i have just finished running it!!!!!!!!


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