5th October - Tail Lamp + Groucho - Rewe Village CP

This mornings hash got off to a interesting start with Tail Lamp instructing the arriving hashers of a change of venue! The large sign that said private car park had gone unnoticed and due to the church having the harvest festival, we were unable to park there. So off we drove to a very picturesque layby where we began. While waiting for everyone to arrive we got an incredibly dirty look from some woman as we were clearly parked where she parks to walk her dog every Sunday!
We had two visitors, Bell Toll of Isca and Ron who is from the Netherlands. There were 17 of us in total including Jazmine, Twin Peaks grandaughter who assured us 'Holly is the loud one'!
We made our way up the road eventually passing the original start point finally onto a lovely muddy field. Spotting the large herd of cows on the opposite side of the field, we were hoping this wasn't the field of bullocks that had caused the hares to have to rearrange a lot of the route. Unfortunately this meant quite a lot of the hash had to be on road. Nevertheless, it was still very scenic.
At one of the checks our Dutch compatriate seemed to have a spot of bother with an arrow on the road so some of us traipsed down a lane encouraged by a little girl who assured us 'there's loads of white dots down there'. After a while we were called on back as this was not the way after all. How much did Tail Lamp pay this girl to mislead us I wonder?
On On to the sweetie stop where we noshed into the liquorice allsorts, commenting on the lack of selection of sweets and quantity! Tail Lamp and Tuned In there had a lovely conversation about coconut macaroons which then turned into a conversation about coulis and jus! Wierd!
On On we continued into a field where we lost the trail and only found it again after spotting the hares waiting at the gate at the same end we'd entered at!
We then made our way back to the car where Bell Toll, Spocky and Odd-Bitz washed down in the river and we enjoyed a beer next to the river. A lovely scenic hash.


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