Autumn Gathering - October 10th-12th

We all arrived at Pixies Holt in the glorious sunshine, found our rooms and generally settled in. Most importantly we thought we'd get the beer barrel set up asap, due the large number of drunkards among us! This was more of a challenge than anyone thought it might be due to Mudflaps lack of knowledge on beer barrels! In his infinite wisdom he had hammered the cork into the barrel so hard, 4 men we taking on the task of removing it. Apparently he even gave it an extra bash with the mallet, as 'one for luck'!! With the ever increasing threat of a tsunami of Otter Bright cascading across the floor, calls were made for a corkscrew which finally resulted in success. A huge sigh of relief all round.
After receiving instructions from Groucho we got ourselves prepared for the hash ahead. We set off straight over the bridge and straight into our first lot of shiggy. After much bemused milling around in the field, the on on was called downhill and over the bridge. Off next to the river and this is where it started to turn sour! The darkness has fallen upon us and the flour was in short supply. After having been stood around for sometime we were called on up and up and up. After the next couple of checks we totally lost the trail despite Emerald doing her very best in the distance. The hare assured us he had laid some flour although I think we all begged to differ. After wandering aimlessly for about 20 minutes we reached the road where we had a hash halt. At this time the hare said the trail is off that way but by this time we could all hear the pub calling to us from the distance so the trail was abandoned and we set off back up to Pixies Holt.
The clean among us showered, the unclean didn't and we all went off the The Forest Inn at Hexworthy for our dinner.
We arrived back at the hostel and prepared ourselves for hash olympics that Groucho and Beanbag had designed. The idea was based on trivial pursuit so tried to rack our brains that by now had a fair amount of alcohol pickling them. The blue team came out on top with the yellow team trailing behind somewhat, then after a game of killer quoits, the difference in scores was only made larger. I have a sneaking suspicion this was also due to the difference in alcohol consumption too probably!
Buzby had brought out an unmarked bottle containing god knows what, though later it was identified as whisky and green ginger wine! This did the rounds with the men although it would appear some had more than their fair share!!!! Meanwhile the barrel of Otter was taking a fair beating too. Eventually at about 2am the stragglers dispersed and went on to bed.
Saturday morning and we all awoke to another beautiful day and after breakfast prepared ourselves for a morning orienteering. Unfortunately not everyone finished this unscathed. Poor old Bell Toll fell over and hurt his ribs and what can I say about Radiohead??!! I don't know if he mistakenly thought he was laying the afternoon hash but he certainly left a trail around those woods! As Geronimo put it, ' 3 gobs and on'! How pleasant. Spocky Bitz came in 1st after running the whole thing so as to get back in time to lay the afternoon hash. The beer was in full swing again when we got back and despite it being October, Fallen Woman and Broken Man were sunbathing! Lunch was eaten by most of us but one hasher seemed to have faded into the background, who could it be? Ah, yes, chief pisshead! Radiohead or Radiodead as he'd now been renamed! He'd had to go back to bed due to the raging hangover that seemed to have overcome him. Thats Crap and Buzby being the thoughtful hashers they are, went to check on his well being, oh yes, and to ask him if he fancied another whisky! Only when Radiodead went as pale as his t-shirt did they stand well back and left him alone! Ah yes, what happened to the papers you were going to run to collect this morning?
By the time 3pm came no-one really looked up for a hash as more beer had been consumed and the sun had relaxed everyone but once the fancy dress outfits appeared people woke up a bit. Radiodead has risen from the dead and had come back as an elf, along with Tuned In and Chesty. Stat Nav says he was an elf but everyone decided he was actually Robin Hood and Mudflap was dressed as a fairy, I've always had my doubts about that one you know!!! We circled up for hash instructions and Poacher realised he had no money for the pub so quickly hurried off to get some. We then thought it would be a hilarious idea to all hide and pretend we'd left without him! It was rather funny when he came haring around the corner to catch us up only to find us all hidden behind the campervan.
The trail was very good, a nice short trail for those taking it easy and a longer one for the foolhardy among us. We had to cross the river on stepping stones that I think Spocky had oiled up especially, poor old Whoopsie slipped and had to suffer wet pants all the way round! Poacher and Radiohead have a lot to answer for too, calling the on on across another river with no stepping stones! After getting in up to our waists Spocky was heard to say, 'what are they doing? The trail is this way!' Out we all clambered having joined Whoopsie in the wet pants brigade.
On to the sweetie stop where a couple of brave souls dunked themselves in the river then it was on on to the pub. On hearing a few discussions by different people it would seem we had discovered a hash-hottie in our midst! Apparently Stat Nav in his green tights had caused a bit of a stir amongst the laydees! As we left the pub even a random stranger commented on what a fine pair of thighs he had! Look out Chesty, you've got competition! After a couple of beers we walked the short route back to hostel to get ready for dinner.
At dinner we were treated to a birthday cake as it was soon to be Emeralds birthday, lovingly made by Geronimo, please take notes Radiohead! On On to hash olympics. After much deliberating it was decided to mark the caption competition by 'laugh-o-meter'. The red team pretty much cleared up on this event as Stat Navs warped sense of humour came into its own. They couldn't quite catch up the blue team though who won the games overall, red 2nd and black 3rd.
After more consumption of alcohol it was decided a fantastic idea to break out the karaoke! This produced some good efforts, some not so good and some just downright awful! Buzby did a worryingly good rendition of Motorhead, Ace of Spades. While Thats Crap and Mudflap did a just plain worrying rendition of Foreigner, I wanna know what love is. It must've been the way Thats Crap sang 'I want you to show me' as he gazed into Mudflaps eyes! Meanwhile Tuned In and Chesty fancied themselves as the queen of pop and sang Madonna, Material Girl. Stat Nav and Radiohead tried their hand at rapping to Vanilla Ice, dear god, someone save us! Once a few more people had left, X Bitz, Whoopsie and Tuned In tried their hand at solos, brave or stupid or just too much red wine....I'm not sure? On On to bed!
After breakfast we all helped clear up the hostel and set off to Postbridge for the morning hash. Radiohead was obviously feeling better than Saturday morning as he chose to run to the hash. We discovered later why, he'd been spotted by Thats Crap and She's Ready running down the hill with a small flock of sheep yards in front of him running away! Your secret is out!
Poacher had laid a hangover hash for us which a few of us did twice, to compensate for all those alcohol calories over the weekend no doubt. Isosceles, Tampa and Brains also arrived for the hash. We then all went to the East Dart Hotel for lunch and sat outside enjoying the sunshine. Another successful C of E hash weekend.
I think a couple of special mentions should be made as they were on the day. Groucho and Beanbag for organising the event. Emerald, Geronimo, Spocky Bitz and Poacher for organising orienteering and haring hashes. Radiohead for donating t-shirts for the goodie bags which were provided by Stat Nav and Chesty courtesy of EDF. To Thats Crap, She's Ready, Bell Toll, Poacher, Whoopsie, Broken Man, Fallen Woman, Poacher, Buzby and Screech who supported us by coming to our weekend and last but not least Radiohead, Tuned In, Chesty, Stat Nav, Fruity Bitz, Odd Bitz, X Bitz, Spocky Bitz, Itsy Bitz, Groucho, Bean Bag, Emerald, Geronimo, Tail Lamp, Bag Lady, Mudflap who came too! A little mention too to Itsy Bitz for being such a good little baby all weekend and giving out cuddles very willingly. On On


  1. Sounds like we missed a really good weekend! Make sure it doesn't clash with the Parrett relay next year and we'll definately be there!
    Sorepoint & Paperwork.


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