2nd November - Trenchford Reservoir - Bridgwater H3

A very amusing start to the days hash was Groucho approaching a large group of walkers, presumably checking we were in the right place, wearing what looked like halloween fancy dress! Otherwise described as a very dodgy pair of green tights/leggings. I wonder if he was trying to re-create the 'hash hottie' look sported by Stat Nav on the hash weekend? Unfortunately, I don't think his thighs created the same thoughts amongst the laydees!
It was bitterly cold but a few hardcore C of E hashers turned out for the joint hash along with lots of Bridgwater hash. We set off around the reservoir straight into some shiggy and there was a fair amount of sliding going on. Radiohead was out in front as usual, doing a lot of checking, unfortunately this meant no time to rest for the rest of us as the trail had been called before we even got there. Luckily with quite a few back checks the rest of us were in with a fighting chance. It was quite a long trail for us C of E as it was 3 miles before the sweetie stop, especially those of us that had taken part in the half marathon, sorry, A2B hash, the day before!!! As we gathered at a check, there was a suspicious looking flour mark at the bottom of the hill, either a regroup or a back check, we decided. Was it put there in full view to see just who would be stupid/fit enough to run all the way down there knowing it might be a back check? Step forward Stat Nav! It was indeed a back check. However, half way back up the hill was a track leading down to the much awaited sweetie stop. What a wonderful array of delicacies we had here. Take note please C of E hares!! Midget gems, chocolate buttons, toffees and boiled sweets. I could've stayed all day! It was here we caught up with our hares who appeared like two little gnomes out of the forest.
Off we set again ending up at a check next to a bridge. Radiohead went off checking up hill while the rest of us lurked suspiciously. Whilst waiting for two walkers to cross the bridge, one of them said, 'I don't know what you're looking for, but theres a flour circle over there!' Nice one! We'll check that way then.......On On! A nice even run all the way back up to the car park.
In the car park Paperwork, or paperweight as Groucho kept calling him, gave a few down downs. One to Master Baker for wearing odd shoes during their weekend, one to a relatively new hasher who admitted that this was her first daylight hash, one to Groucho for accosting strange poeple in car parks whilst wearing green tights and one joint down down to ferret and another Bridgwater hasher as they found love on the hash together!!! See Sorepoint for further details! Stat Nav spoke up for C of E and handed out 2 downs downs. One was for Radiohead, who despite being the fastest hasher in the west, came in last! It appeared he missed the last check, came upon the outgoing trail which had been marked with arrows for any latecomers and had set off doing the trail again! Doh! The other was for Tail Lamp who kept doing his best horse impression all the way round the trail!!
Many thanks to the hares, Paperwork, Sorepoint, Ferret and Bangkok for an enjoyable trail.


  1. Information on the budding romance will only be divulged to the highest bidder - in the style of an OK/Hello Magazine scoop!


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