9th November - Bullers Hill CP - Groucho + Twin Peaks

We had 20 'biting at the bit' hashers today, two guests in the shape of Poacher and Rambo. Poacher arrived and prompty started offering cabbages to everyone, perhaps he was trying to tell us something? Woodpecker made an appearance, said hi, to which the circle said hi and then he left. Get well soon Mr Woodpecker.
Three women hashers of the new variety also appeared, which made me then think of that famous line from Radiohead "this hash is growing", he could be right.
The pack did not get off to the best start as Tampa decided to park his car over the first check which was of course noted by the Sheriff, he doesn't miss much our Sheriff !
Once the check was spotted, the pack just seem to loiter then for some unknown reason proceeded to act like sheep after one blob had been spotted. This state of affairs went on for a good five minutes until the hares, in the shape of Twin Peaks and Groucho, rescued the rabble and sent them on their way. What a shower ! Soon, if fact very soon after, Groucho decided to fall in to a pool of mud cutting his hand but scoring 9.90 for his techique even though he had cut his hand. Yet not wanting to be left out of things Tail-lamp got in on the act with a wonderful back slide on a steep slope, which helps, god knows what he will be like if ever we have snow, anyway Miss Twin Peaks just stood back, I'm not sure whether she was admiring his action or filled with horror. Poacher as usual always seemed to find the back arrows, but developed a thing for Miss Peaks, the other hare, giving her long hugs, with Miss Peaks on several occasions on her way to heaven, well being lifted on the ground anyway.
Once we reached the sweetie stop we observed the two minutes silence which the hares
forgot to tell us to do before setting off. Talking of sweets, the offerings today improved with jelly babies, wine gums and fruit pastilles on offer. Then on on once more, the same faces returning to see the hare in the shape of Poacher, Spockybitz, Stat- Nav and Dan, How kind, I thought, of them to check the hares were ok.
Once back at the car park the Sheriff gave out several fines plus one lady hasher was named "Up Yours" which related to a finger injury. Rambo had his special Exeter Chiefs 2009 calendar offer with him, calenders cost £10 the monies going to various named charities.Ask Rambo for details,the content of the calenders is interesting !


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