14th December 2008 - Howling Wilf - East Hill Strips

Another well attended hash despite the freezing conditions. We started off with a bit of 'hash pot luck' as no-one knew which car park we were starting from. However, everyone seemed to be there, including again Dirt Band and No Name from Otter Valley.
The hare arrived back from laying the trail looking suitably worn out, an energetic trail maybe??? Hash instructions were 1 and on, long short splits but no fish hooks today as Wilf doesn't approve of them! Is that right!!
On over the road to the first check where Chad headed off on the correct trail so off we set at what appeared to be a rate of knots! Maybe it was just the red wine consumed the night before that made it feel that way! Never mind, at least I turned up!!! Groucho, Tail Lamp you pair of lightweights....call yourselves hashers?
The trail was very muddy but at times very scenic too, nice to see some slightly less familiar territory aswell.
After crossing back over the road, we came upon the first long short split, which was a lovely stretch out through lots of mud. With Spocky, Chad and Radiohead out in front it was kept at quite a brisk pace too. Welly did his best to slow down Tuned In by running into her leg, ouch, but luckily she struggled on!
On finally arriving at the sweetie stop we tucked into fruit pastilles and liquorice allsorts, handed out by a mini hasher. While we'd been there for about 10 minutes there didn't seem to be much sign of many of the shorts so we set off again, uphill! Ug!
Here we had a good long stretch of uphill running which brought us to a fish hook! Yes, the ones that the hare doesn't believe in! A very mean one too, at the top of this hill. Off went Radiohead, Spocky, Dirt Band, Chad and Tuned In.
From here we went through the forest, across the road again and reached the on home at the top of the hill.
The sheriff concluded it was a fine free week this week, all to be revealed next week at the hash awards. However, the deputy sheriff had her suspicions that the only reason this was to be the case was because the sheriff was wearing new shoes! So his fine has been postponed until the new 'fines financial year'.
We had a naming of a new hasher. Due to her gleaming trainers she was going to be named Dazzler or some such name, however, on her arrival in the hash circle she was called Scarf-face which we all thought was funnier and was agreed this would be her name. Welcome Scarf-face. On On to next weeks Christmas hash with post hash frivolities in The Imperial, Exeter. Fancy dress encouraged.


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