7th December - Spocky Bitz - Knowle Village CP

A lovely frosty winters day with 15 brave hashers all ready for the off. Spockybitz did the business whilst X-bitz was left holding the baby. Within 100m we were greeted by a long short split only three of us did the short, me, Groucho, being one of them due to my body batteries being very flat indeed. Spockybitz had arranged for us to be watched by numerous horses plus riders as we plodded on our way running at times through what seemed like treacle or in this case trekacle.
Whilst on our wandering the sheriff was hard at work with his little black book noting any hash crimes, of which there were several. First to be punished was Tail lamp who upon reaching a back check asked how many had to go back. The hare was next to be spotted by the law maker for not setting the trail as per brief ie 3 blobs and on only to four blobs then false trail. On - on several occasion persons seemed to drift into some sort of memory lapse by forgetting hash names and preferring to their public names, Chesty mentioning someone called James, who the hell is James? Next both Tampa and Emerald mentioned a person called Roger unless they had two way radios and they were rogering and out. Not to be out done Brains was heard from behind a hedge that she wanted to get her leg over, bearing in mind how cold it was, this out burst came as something of a surprise until we all spotted a bike with Brains trying to adjust her personage. Once at the sweet stop THE HARE gave us hungry hashers some peanuts and chocolate bars before telling us that the trail was now only one and on.
Eventually after 80 minutes of muddy hashing we arrived back at base where upon the sheriff collected fines from the law breakers.One virgin hasher was named but his name escapes me but the was an electrical connection. Watch this space.
Note from ed: I am concerned to hear any talk of rogering on the hash!!!!!!!


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