21st December - The Imperial - Groucho

This weeks blog is by way of video! I hope you enjoy.

As you will all know, the hash awards were also today, they were awarded as follows:

Woodpecker Trophy(most prolific male hasher): Stat Nav

Henpecker Trophy(most prolific female hasher): Chesty

Whadda Hash Trophy(highest scored hash): Woodpecker

Sheriffs Shield(most frequently fined hasher): Tail Lamp

Bone of Contention(GM's award for hash contribution): Tuned In

As Ed of the blog I would also like to say many thanks to Groucho, on behalf of the entire hash, for doing all he does for the hash throughout the year in particular, the away weekend and the Christmas frivolities.

Merry Christmas to all hashers look forward to seeing you very soon, xx


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