26th December - Joneys Cross - Tampa

A beautiful winters day saw 35 hashers turn out for the Boxing Day hash. Despite the sunshine it was absolutely freezing up on the common so we didn't waste time before circling up. Hash instructions were 3 and on, 2 long/short splits, though the hare had no idea where one of them went as Gollum laid it and he had now gone home again!
We set off in entirely the wrong direction as usual, finally finding the trail. On over the road road took us downhill before coming to a check where we were promptly called on on for a nice straight run, the checks having been called already by the time most of us got there, eventually coming to a back check. We then found the trail through the gorse, ouch, and back over the road again.
We then went uphill and down dale following the lead hashers only for them to lead us in entirely the wrong direction, where's the hare we all thought???? He was back near the correct trail so back we went. There we had to climb down and make our way down the gulley before coming back up out of it to arrive at the sweetie stop. Milky Ways and Haribo were consumed while we all gathered together again.
From the sweetie stop was the long/short mystery split. Tuned In and Twin Peaks headed off on the short wondering for a little while where everyone else had got to, before a few more faces started to appear. A few more checks later and the longs were back with us as we headed back uphill onto another long/short split, the shorts heading straight back uphill to the on home. On arriving back at the car park, Emerald and Geronimo were busy in their campervan rustling up mulled wine, mince pies, stollen and cookies! A welcome sight to warm us all up.
Two of our young hashers were named, ceremony performed by Spocky Bitz. After an indecisive vote between Pony Express and Trip Wire, we arrived at the only fair hash conclusion, Juliet would be named Pony Wire! Annabel was named Flower Power or should it be Flour Power? A lovely day with a great hash, enjoyed by all.


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