28th December - Stoke Woods - Groucho + Twin Peaks

Another fine but freezing hashing day we were looking forward to setting off so we could warm up! Well todays hash started as it would continue, a complete debacle! We set off in all directions, except the one we wanted. Eventually with a little help from the hares we found the trail. There was to be little running on this trail as we all fought our way through the brambles. Even the dogs struggled, JC needing to be carried as he couldn't make it through the brambles. We made our way to the path again, still only 50m from the car park! Once again we all stopped and struggled to find the trail which seemed to lead us round in circles. Odd Bitz kept calling the trail only to be told, 'no, not that way!' as he had missed out chunks of the trail.
Another loop later and we came upon the assault course the hares had carefully planned, a death slide! Howling Wilf seemed to come off worst and rolled down the hill leaving one of his gloves behind. Blobhoblin chose to go right behind Groucho, trying to take him out on the way down. See hash photos for them in action.
On On a bit further to a very scenic sweetie stop where we managed to take a few good photos, especially the above one, complete with 'rabbit ears', now who would do a thing like that?????
On On to some more looping, some more brambles, some more invisible trails! I forgot to mention that the hares helpfully laid the trail amongst the frosty undergrowth in white flour! No wonder we struggled!
We had another hash halt where we were given instructions to find the swing and whoever jumped from the swing into the circle could have another gingerbread heart. We all eagerly took up this challenge, desperately trying to avoid the circle! Spocky Bitz seemed to have the most fun on this swing although Tuned In gamely had a go exclaiming she couldn't get her leg over! Also Chesty had a go saying the stick was too big to get her leg round! Well well, what can we say!
From here we set off downhill back towards the car park, finding the On Home amongst more frost! Despite losing the trail numerous times, it was a fun hash with all the extra activities laid on by the thought ful/less* (*delete as applicable)
At the hash circle, Groucho announced there was an additional present that should've gone with the bone of contention award last week, with the statement, 'you need to start pulling your weight!' Tuned In was awarded ankle/wrist weights! I think they should go to Radiohead to slow him down! We were also informed that next week subs are due, £20 per person or £30 per family, please ensure you are laden with cash next week!
On On to Four Firs next week and Happy New Year to you all!!


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