30th November - Tampa - Pine Ridge

Another well turned out hash, well, the hashers weren't well turned out, they looked like the usual riff raff, I mean there were lots of them! We also welcomed Dirt Band and No Name from OVH3 and Ullage from Isca. We set off in entirely the wrong direction as usual and bimbled around until we found the correct trail past a freezer!! We encountered a very steep bank which tried its hardest to claim a few hashers and looking at bottoms later, it looked like it succeded. The trail then led us over the bike ramps, which a few brave hashers took on. The five or six front hashers set off down hill only to find a back check at the end so back up it was.
We ran down past the side of the quarry and around in a very sneaky loop which some hashers at the back performed a spectacular short cut and totally missed out. On down and over the road to the first regroup. Spocky did a marvellous impression of a lamp post, so good in fact that one of the dogs decided to pee up his leg...nice! Setting off on a long short split meeting again at the sweetie stop which the longs actually arrived at first for a change. Wine gums and jelly babies were consumed then on into the nature reserve.
More obstacles to overcome in here, 2 very slippery logs over the bogs, luckily no casualties. Again, there were many hashers that cheated and went around the other way, but they all got fined for that!
On through the nature reserve and again discovered some lesser known hash territory. We then set back up the hill towards the car where I'm certain there was some cheating going on as there were a couple of fish hooks but only 1 or 2 returning hashers. OH was called and on arriving back in the car park who should be there but the lesser spotted Exton Woodpecker. After receiving comments regarding his formal attire at the last hash he visited he turned up this time in a very fetching turquoise shell suit!
The hash circle was short and sweet with only a couple of fines being mentioned albeit to almost the entire group. We then went off to the AGM where a disappointing amount of alcohol was consumed and we discussed all the people that weren't there! Topics included, annual fees, 2009 away weekend and should Groucho still be the GM? Obviously, being that he does such a fab job, we all said yes! It was also voted that Tampa continues to be beermeister/ hareraiser/ on sec and the other jobs too! Odd Bitz will remain Sheriff and Spocky will be RA when required.
On On to Knowle Village CP next week.


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