18th January - Poachers Inn, Ide - Blobhoblin

Another fine turnout for todays hash in some lesser hashed territory, 27 hashers I think! We even had a hash virgin or two! We received instructions from Blobhoblin who thanked Groucho for assisting him, otherwise we wouldn't have finished til next Sunday and he would still be out laying it. Were we in for 'extreme hashing' today???
We set off out of the car park onto a check and Spocky and Stat Nav checked uphill while Slipshod checked downhill. On down hill it was and we were off to a flying start....almost quite literally for Carol and Tuned In with the 2 Millies pulling hard!
Onto another check where Isosceles shot off on what we eventually found out was the correct trail. This found us our first fish hook of the day, where Beth, Finn and Spocky got caught out, one of Spockys first....he ended up doing all of them.....nutter!
We emerged out onto a country lane where we ran down around the lane until we came to a hash halt. It was here Fruity Bitz decided to 'powder her nose' behind the hedge but Odd Bitz thought it was too good an opportunity to miss and took a photo.
Further on around the lanes to another check where Spocky, Stat Nav and Odd Bitz set off checking. It was here that Slipshod tried to cast aspertions upon Fruity, Tuned In and Twin Peaks, suggesting we might be loitering....oh the cheek! While Spocky and Odd Bitz came back Stat Nav was nowhere to be seen or heard....it would transpire he was stopped chatting up, sorry....chatting to, a lady walking her two dogs. Eventually the hare told us which way it was, due to the poor calling from Stat Nav!
On On to the next hash halt where names for our unnamed hashers began their discussions. There were some very dubious suggestions being bandied around...what on earth would they end up being called???? The trail was called on up the huge hill through the field, which provided beautiful views once at the top, even if you couldn't breathe once you were there!
Out onto the country lanes again for a nice long stretch with a couple more fish hooks onto the sweetie stop. While consuming jaffa cakes and fruit pastilles we had a lovely view over Exeter and the fields around.
On on down the hill for another nice long stretch where the hare had sneakily put 2 or 3 fish hooks! Twin Peaks was spotted tying her shoelaces a number of times......was she trying to avoid the fish hooks I wonder??
At the bottom of the hill was another regroup next to the brook where the hare had obviously taken pity on us and the trail was laid on the path not indicating through the brook. This didn't stop some keen/mad hashers including, Pony Wire, Slipshod, Beth and Spocky who amongst a few others chose to run through the brook anyway!
We had arrived back in the village at this point but the trail took us back away from the village in a big loop out and around. There was a regroup at the bottom of the hill then it was on up.... and up and up and up! On the brow of the hill the trail took us right into the fields, it was here that the weightlifting competion began! All of the stiles had been carefully fenced up so at each one the dogs had to be lifted over! This caused hash tailbacks and also meant a few hashers were distinctly muddier than some!
After the 5th stile the 'Millies' were used to the drill and happily waited to be lifted up and over. After 2 more stiles(!!!!!) we emerged back onto the main road of the village and made our way on home to the pub.
At the hash circle Swooner got a down down for admitting to the RA, quite innocently, that she was wearing lovely new shoes! Obviously the down down was drunk from the said shoe!
We also had a naming for two of our hashers, Carol was named Ringpiece, due to the very fetching gold hoop earrings she always wears. Gabriel was named Lot'o'bottle or LOB as she is never seen without her water bottle.
The pink handbag had two contenders, Fruity Bitz for child abuse, stopping when approaching a fish hook and letting poor young Finn overtake her and get stuck doing the fish hook. Or, Stat Nav for coveting the bag. While Slipshod was trying to lift JC over one of the stiles, Stat Nav was eagerly offering to take the handbag from him.... too eagerly we think?! Slipshod settled on Fruity Bitz as the child abuse was the more serious crime of the day.
Fines were handed to Geronimo for daring to be looking at a map on a hash!!! You're not orienteering now you know! Beth for driving into the wrong pub car park. Up Yours for telling her there was only one pub in Ide. Spocky Bitz for trying to emulate Radiohead by running like a lunatic for the entire hash and wearing a sweat bag, otherwise known as a mac, to try and be as thin as Radiohead.
Then we went in the pub for a drink! Lovely.
On On to Warren CP, Woodbury Common next week.


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