11th January - Upton Pyne - Groucho + Twin Peaks

It was windy and rather chilly in Upton Pyne Village CP this morning but a fair number of hashers still braved it.
Spocky Bitz enjoyed taking peoples money in his new position as treasurer, with his very efficient looking folder.
We set off out of the car park down the hill shortly reaching the first check then quickly to the next one where the loitering began. Eventually we were called on and the pack spread out as we set off through the village. We spread out in the field trying to find the trail, but only succeeded in finding some raw sewage, helpfully pointed out by Chad....nice!
On finding the trail again we set off shortly coming to the first regroup where we then set off on the long/ short split. The long taking in a big loop around the country lane before coming back through another field, meeting up with the shorts again in the next field. On to another regroup where we headed off into a pig field! The dogs seemed to enjoy this more than the humans, all those lovely smells to roll in! JC looking distinctly different in colour to when we started. At the edge of this field we had the sweetie stop, wine gums and liquorice allsorts....lovely. We were also treated to a lovely display performed by little Millie and JC........is this what they call 'dogging'?????? But there wasn't a car park in sight???
On to a check at the bottom of the field where Tuned In accrued her fine for checking in a very lax manner! This involved standing on the other side of the gate until on was called in the other direction! Made perfect sense if you ask me!
Stat Nav set off at the front this time only to get to the next fish hook first, along with Chad and Tuned In. This seemed to be the only time the hare was actually right at the back. On to another regroup where we set off on the country lane with a couple more fish hooks to be found. A photo opportunity presented itself at the next regroup, then we set off again to the end of the road.
At this check Groucho helpfully decided to tell us to 'check it out that way'! That narrows that down then!! Up the big hill we went before going through a field of sheep and onto the next long/short split which wasn't very long at all, though very hard work with mud laden feet.
At the next regroup we were treated to a little story by Howling Wilf, from his student days and some typically bloke behaviour!
From here we went up through the forest and back into the village toward the On Home.
At the hash circle, Slip Shod, or Chip Shop as our sheriff kept calling him, received a down down as it was his 40th birthday, so in true hash fashion we sang Happy Birthday to him in truly a appalling manner. He was also awarded the pink hand bag by Up Yours as she couldn't think of anyone else who had earned it.
Fines were handed out, although I still think the Sheriff should be fined for those indecent trousers of his! It's a family hash don't you know?? It was also announced that after a long time Howling Wilf is now in credit for fines after paying a lump sum last week.
On On to next week at The Poachers Inn, Ide. We can park in their car park but please park at the far end as you drive in.


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