15th February - Valentines Hash Fruity Bitz & OddBitz - Lympstone

Love was the theme for todays hash with no fewer than thirty-five love struck hashers hoping that something or some one would cause their hearts to flutter.

The hares Fruity-Bitz and Odd-Bitz informed that all checks today were heart shaped and that any hasher confronted by a back arrow would have to run back to the hare and plant a kiss on their personage to which the pack murmured with one or to ah's. Kissing at all the kissing gates was actively encouraged, but only with the hasher behind you.

It was indeed a lovely day as we set out looking for love, with a spring in our steps the pace of our heartbeats was overwhelming. Rumour has it that Tail Lamp was inviting female hashers to feel his pulse.
Several hashers were indeed jockeying for position as we approached the first kissing gate with Ex-Bitz hanging back before making her move. Everyone tried to keep well away from Tampa while Blobhoblin appeared to go weak at the knees after the kissing gate - perhaps he wanted the "kiss of life". He soon recovered upon hearing that there were more gates of the kissing variety on the route.

So we reached a long short split in the play area within a large field and whilst the longs trotted off, the shorts trundled over to the play equipment for a play session. Bring on Groucho's standard hash injury when he fell off the balancing beam. No surprises there then! Next it was on on to another kissing gate where upon more strange positioning behaviour was observed - even in front of children!

We then encountered another hash check (heart shaped of course) only to discover that the hares had become heartless when the shorts, including women and children, were subjected to wading up a freezing stream for what seemed to be forever.

Once we had all reached dry land our hares gave us a sweetie stop featuring love hearts and heart shaped chocolates along with wine gums etc. However disaster befell Scarf Face who upon planting a wine gum into her mouth managed lose one of her nashers within the said offending wine gum. She responded well to some TLC afer all it was a Love Hash.

We set off once more but within minutes we encountered another long/short split only difference being that the shorts had to double back on themselves fthrough yet another kissing gate and into a very muddy footpath, which reminded some of us of the previous weeks hash.

Once back in the car park refreshments were served care of Tampa and the hash choir (aka the cats chorus) give a lovely Happy Birthday song to Ash followed by a naming for Fruity-Bitz's daughter, now known in these parts as Tall and Fruity.

Finally if anyone knows of a hasher called Jamie could they please contact Chesty as she was heard to repeat his name several times, perhaps she's Love Struck.

Next weeks hash at Frying Pans Car Park Woodbury Common.


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