22nd February - Frying Pans CP - Spocky Bitz

Thirty eager hashers gathered in a circle awaiting the arrival of our hare, one Spockybitz. He then expained the trail etc before landing a bombshell upon us, it was one and on. Well we know about the banking crisis, but a flour crisis is a shortage of the white stuff. Perhaps not for he, Spocky then drew a rather lovely large circle in the middle of the car park and echoed those famous hash words, check it out. Well there were hashers going in all directions looking for the first blob, it seemed like forever until a lone hasher put us all out of our misery. However more hash misery was to follow within five minutes as we found our first back-check. This time the hare made it a little easier to find the trail actively encouraging us to go forth, go forth into thick gorse. No time for a risk assessment.For those of us wearing shorts this was no short cut, only plenty of short cuts on the legs, with little care for us injured hashers being shown by the hare.
Soon after the gorse we crossed over a road and into woodland, this is very pleasant one female hasher was heard to say as she gasped for breath only seconds later to do a wonderful dive on to the pleasant woodland floor via a tree stump. She soon gathered herself together, knowing that the sweet stop was close by. There was, so I was informed by one of the hash moles, hash violence over a packet of sweets involving X-bitz and another nameless hasher, they were engaged in a type of tug of war with packet of offending sweets, the hare soon took control of the situation and gave the sweets to guess who.
Within seconds of leaving the sweet stop we encountered another check but having been fed if not watered we searched with a new detemination for this first blob, once found we set off like blood hounds except one of our number suddenly disappeared, only to re-emerge seconds later looking slighty different, Fruity-Bitz had in fact done a dive only this time she chose a firmer surface, the net result being several cuts. The Sheriff ,Odd-Bitz, nursed her back to health and she was away again. I'm not sure if she was looking for a new place to fall over as rumour has it she enjoyed being "nursed" by the Sheriff. What a kind man our Sheriff is!
Finally after suffering two stretches of trail with a cocktail of mud and water in which several hashers got both wet and muddy we arrived back in the Frying Pans Car Park. Whilst enjoying a drink and hanging on to the Sheriff's every word a car suddenly appeared in front of us. Out of the car stepped two figures, Tuned-In and Radiohead sporting their new NZ gear, and very smart they both looked as they glided towards us. We've come for the hash, then that word "but"was uttered, we were locked out of our house and the car wouldn't start, jet lag or time difference were not mentioned. The Sheriff welcomed them in his own way by a fine for each of them for being not just late but very late.Slipshod received the pink handbag for doing too many fish hooks ,only difference being that his were to look for his dog.


How to get there

From Exeter take A380 towards Torquay,once at the top of Telegraph Hill turn off left before over bridge.
At next T junction turn left and continue down this road for about 2KM ,turn right at next
fork continue to crossroads.
Go straight over crossroads for further 1KM until you see car park on your left.Meet in car park.


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