15th March - Four Firs CP - Chesty + Stat Nav

A beautiful spring morning greeted the hashers today. The sun was shining, the hares were back and we even had visitors, Tom and Suzanne. Chesty gave us the low down on what to expect, 3 and on, laid in flour, on the right, except if its on the left piped Stat Nav! Chesty also told us there were road crossings and there was also a trail being followed by horses, this was marked by pink ribbons and we'd hear them.......what, the ribbons?? Our sheriff informed us that today fines would be 50p each donated to Comic Relief with Spocky adding that hash cash would match the amount raised, rather generous we all thought, until he pointed out that it was our money anyway....oh yeah!! Stat Nav added that there would be fish hooks on the run which were for 3 people if no number was specified, the sheriff querying if the number said 3 did that mean 6? This was getting far too confusing, best we set off. On to check we went and duly spent the next 5 minutes looking a bit lost. Eventually Groucho, yes, you heard correctly, Groucho called on on! Onto another check called by Groucho who then got his comeuppance for being an FRB by getting the first fish hook.
The trail was well laid here as it seemed most people kept checking the wrong way! On down hill to the long short split. It was noted a couple of eagle eyed hashers that even Tail Lamp was doing the long........what is going on today?????
Ringpiece took a short cut here as her back was hurting, would that be the same 'hurting' that happened because you were drunk and fell over???? Hmmm! The rest of us followed the trail through the forest where Groucho apparently admitted to having a limp day, I wasn't privy to that conversation but I think the less said the better! It only got worse though as he then declared 'has anyone seen any beavers?' Well I never! What can you reply to that! On to the next fish hook then a check.
On we went over the road seeing Spocky on the brow of the hill then right, down to a well rested Ringpiece. After checking it out again we set off past the model airfield out towards the firing range. On the main path we encountered the first of the horses we'd been warned of. Once they'd passed, on up we went and back into the woods ending up at a regroup at the rope swing. The usual culprit wasn't having a go today though, Spocky was in charge of Itsy today. However, Twin Peaks accepted this task willingly, followed by Suzanne.
Once we crossed over the road we were soon at the sweetie stop and a very scenic stop it was too. Nice selection of sweets today, jelly babies, liquorice allsorts and wine gums. After a hash photo it was time to set off again, so our reliable hare tells us its on on that way, only for Stat Nav to say no it isnt, it's that way! On on again to another long short split ending at yet another very scenic regroup. I think they have to get an award for most scenic regroups. On back over the road again, roadkill anyone? Just to confuse us all the trail headed up hill not down the hill towards the car park as we thought. Here the hare said we could cut out a bit of the trail as it was already coming up to 12:30. This led to exclamations of 'I told you so' from Chesty as apparently Stat Nav had tried to lay an A2B again. We started making our way through the woods, followed Chesty, got lost, came back and followed Stat Nav! Once out of the woods we were on a straight run home first stopping at a regroup where the sheriff decided to warm his cockles in the sunshine.......quite literally, see photo above!
Fines were handed out to Chesty for reasons too numerous to mention, mostly to do with haring. X Bitz was fined for being a bit dizzy, cornflakes in the fridge, keys left in the ignition etc! Fruity was fined for stripping or was she fined for not stripping?? I think we raised about £8 for Comic Relief. A great trail enjoyed in the lovely sunshine today.
Groucho gave extensive instructions of how to get to Bullers Hill CP for next weeks hash. But I can't remember them! Apart from don't park in the actual car park, use the wasteland on the right hand side just before the car park. On On to next week.


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