8th March - Warren CP - Tampa

Twenty-nine hashers were on parade this morning to greet our hare, Tampa plus Ben the Dog. However one hasher was noticable for his being on parade I refer of course to Radiohead who graced us, the assembled hashers, with his first appearance of the year. In reality he shouldn't have been here but on the Grizzly. He informed us the he was a little under the weather or was it whether I do the Grizzly or not? Several hashers suggested he might need to go to the chemist, to which the under the weather/whether Radiohead did not respond. The hare, Tampa greeted us in the usual way then informed everyone of a world surplus of flour by announcing that the trail was three and on to the sweetie stop and then four and on, Spocky take note! After murmurs from the gathered throng we set off at blistering pace for about five minutes then came a check and for some strange reason I thought we were entering a picket line, few hashers were active or did they all go to the same booze up last night. As luck would have it our below par hasher, Radiohead, who was way in the distance proudly proclaimed on on, then seconds later came back towards the picket line to announce that he had discovered a back check. If that wasn't enough he then informed us that he was going to the bog. Soon we were all in the bog in some sort of crocodile formation meandering from one water-free area to the next.Once clear of the bog we picked up our pace all except the Sherriff who was busy writing his memiors into his black book. Eventually the sweet stop appeared, the hare panicking slightly unsure to whether he had enough sweets was heard to say "I didn't expect this many today". Once the sweets had been given a new home we were invited by the hare to check it out,the picket line was in place in record time but as luck would have it not all of the hashers fancied spending the night on Woodbury Common especially as dark rain clouds were now gathering as well as a very strong wind. Several hashers including Twin Peaks,Radiohead and Ullage were all spotted by the Sherriff short cutting, which as all law abiding hashers know is a very serious offence. They were all fined 10p each once back at the finish.
Tail-Lamp presented Swooner with the pink handbag for going off into the undergrowth for some form of relief so we were informed.
Two new hashers were named, one now known as Twice Daily and the other Runs Again.



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