28th June - Exton Farm - Woodpecker

The hashers all started to arrive in the farmyard of yet another of Woodpecker's friends. We couldn't hear the instructions very well, as the road right next door was so noisy, but I'm sure Woodpecker said there would'nt be any fishooks as he didn't believe in them and our feet would definately stay dry. I suppose no-one said he had to tell the truth on his birthday did they?

On was called over the road and into a field with a lovely pair of horses. We'd been told to keep dogs on a lead with sheep and cows, but no-one mentioned the horses. Here came the first lie - straight into a stream and we had to trudge along it for a little way. A bit cold, but not too bad since we've been having good weather lately. Up we went into another field. Lots of beautifully untouched fields of clover as this was a hash "by kind permission" of course, and not necessarily on footpaths.

Dr Jekyll was moved to run straight through the middle of one field a la Little House on the Prairie. I thought professional people were supposed to have more morals? Oh no, silly me, that doesn't apply to hashing!

The first regroup was called at the edge of a road to bring us all together before taking our life in our hands. Woodpecker was heard to utter a very rude word when he couldn't make himself heard above the traffic. Funny what things carry, and what doesn't, especially when little ears are around. Off we went again through a yard with lots of coaches and trailers. One man tending the engine got quite upset with Bushbabie when she dared to show an interest in the coupling between trailer and truck. He definately didn't want to show her his etchings!

Twin Peaks and Howling Wilf were both doing a great job of calling the shots today. Miss Peaks was referred to as "a little dynamo" on more than one occasion, moving our visiting hasher from Turkey to comment that his dynamo had gone in for a service.

Up and over a field full of little yellow flowers. Some discussion about what this was, maybe Rape, but a bit stunted - must be mini-rape then or Rap as Spocky put it. The sweeties were eventually found hidden under the mulch of an ornamental bed on the Woodbury Trading Estate.

Despite the attempts of various walking hashers (you know who you are - X-bits) who tried to re-hide the sweeties away from the rest of the pack. On again, over the road and into yet another stream. This one was even longer, deeper and worse than the last, resulting in many hashers getting wet underwear. Woodpecker says, it only goes up to here, pointing to a point mid thigh, but of course he is a lot taller than a lot of the lady hashers. No-one actually took the name "cold bits" but it could have been used if necessary.

Mind you, later on we went down an extremly muddy track and everyone was wishing we had the stream back to clean off - you just can't win sometimes can you! On back it was.

Sherrif handed out fines to Howling Wilf for doing a fishhook even though 5 people had already done it - someone tell him the rules, don't think he's got the hang of it yet! Other fines went to X-bitz and co-conspirators for hiding the sweets and a couple of others that I've forgotten.

Howling Wilf used the eeny meeny miney mo method of choosing the next recipient for the pink handbag - which came out at the Sherrif, so he used diplomacy and tact and chose Blobhoblin instead!

The majority then retired to Chez Woodpecker for a swim (Itzy obviously needs a sibling!), excellent food provided by Mrs Woodpecker and a game of tough rugby. I know that should read Touch Rugby - but you weren't there! Some hashers (Tampa) just don't know when to stop!!! He even pushed the Birthday boy over at one point - surely that deserves a fine??

Woodpecker handed out some wonderful lime green T-shirts to commemorate the occasion and we rounded up all the beetles in the area by wearing them in the garden. Thank you Woodpecker and Mrs Woodpecker for another wonderful day.

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