5th July - Four Firs CP - Ditto + Big Bangers

On arriving in the car park at 10.55am we were a little thin on the ground, 4 hashers and 3 hares!!! By 11am though we had managed to gather about 17 hashers in total. It was to be an interesting day in the world of hashing as the first thing we were told was that there were 2 trails laid today with a total of 4 hares!!! Usual hash organisation then! Big Bangers and Ditto had laid their virgin trail but Groucho and Blobhoblin had also laid a trail. Tampa, in his absence, was blamed for this confusion as he was apparently meant to inform Groucho that Ditto had confirmed he could hare this trail....but he didn't! In Tampas defence (no this won't happen again, make the most of it!!) it was on the blog as Ditto being the hare, (more by luck than judgement!!!!).

Anyway, after much bartering as to whose trail would be the best, Big Bangers had homemade lemonade, Groucho had fruit pastilles and liquorice allsorts, Big Bangers had strawberries and chocolate, she won! Though I think the general consensus was you can't possibly abandon a virgin hares trail......that would be too mean, even for hashers! We were warned the trail may be too long and too short (!) there were fish hooks but they didn't mention that we would encompass all the main points of Woodbury Common!

Eventually we set off with Groucho keeping a close eye that we didn't end up crossing trails. Once across the road it decided to rain, much to Horny Womans delight, she was hoping for a wet shirt competition, the rain promptly stopped again then. On to a regroup where we then split up on a long, short split with the longs going via Woodbury I believe, judging by the state of them when they finally caught us up. Well after having ten minutes to chat, Bag Lady, Tuned In, Sorepoint and Horny Woman found it quite inconvenient to be told, 'On On'!

On on we went with the FRB's returning to us because of the fish hooks, once was labelled a 'Spocky fish hook' which he found very unfair, can't imagine why?

After what felt like years (only an hour!) we reached the homemade lemonade stop where Ditto had brought beer aswell! We scoffed the chocolate and strawberries then from here some of the lazier hashers got a lift back with Big Bangers while the others made their way back on trail, via Budleigh maybe??

Back at the car park at 12.45! We circled up while Spocky named Juliet Big Bangers after some deliberation about what she should be called, Paperwork had a strong leaning toward Uranus which was getting a little worrying! Whilst other astronomy type names were thrown in we settled on Big Bang for it to be changed at the last minute to Big Bangers.

Various fines were handed out by sheriff, obviously to Groucho for laying a trail unnecessarily and more obviously to Tampa who was fined in his absence for not keeping Groucho fully informed!

On On to next weeks trail at Warren CP, Woodbury Common.


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