13 September 09 - Woodbury Castle - Tampa

The Hare was noteably absent when the GM called the circle. Even on his own hash Tampa couldnt make the circle on time. Despite the presence of the deputy sheriff and Double D sheriff, there was still some confusion appointing a sheriff? (How does that work?) Anyway, it was Stat-Nav.

It was on-on to an immediate long-short split. The commentary from here on will really only be about the long as Chesty and Stat-Nav both took it and are writing this blog... and wasn't it a long long! Now, I know I am seen as a fit girl after running the 10k (did I mention I did this with a broken toe!!), but this was extreme for a Sunday morning hash. The FRB's clocked up 4 miles before the sweetie stop and even the faithful back runners clocked up 3 miles.

It was downhill all the way until a check at the bottom of the hill where logic would tell you we would turn left to meet the shorts. Of course we immediately realised our mistake - why would you use logic on a Tampa hash? So off we went in completely the opposite direction which took us in a massive loop back to the car!!! We did debate quitting at this point but as we couldnt get into Spocky's car to raid the beer it seemed pointless.

So in extreme heat we continued down the route taken earlier by the shorts. You would think that it would be nice and clearly marked having been checked out earlier. Oh no, of course not because that would be applying logic!

We encountered a ridiculous number of back checks that took forever to fathom but did a good job of keeping the "long hash" together. Twice daily regretted checking in the thistle bushes after one lodged itself in her bottom!

Eventually, Twin Peaks consulted local passers-by who reported they had spotted flour. We passed by the boys with toys playing with aeroplanes which was too much excitement for Spocky and Stat-Nav who then had to demonstrate their testosterone with a race to the sweetie stop to meet the shorts. It goes without saying that Stat-Nav whipped Spocky's ass!

Amazingly there were some sweets left and Tuned-In scored points by saving me my favourite pink liqorice alsorts.

No rest for the longs as we immediately headed off into the woods and yet another back check. The shade was welcome on such a hot day and Spocky, Stat-Nav and Twin Peaks led the way.

After some lengthy loitering, Twice Daily called on-on and came to a second impromptu sweetie stop. We caught up with Tuned-In and Ring-Piece who had taken a shortcut to ensure Peanut finished the hash safely. Pebble-Dash gave up on running the hill (which was particularly lame considering he had only run the short route - we thought you were part of the fit family?!)

Lotta bottle had a small accident as she tripped and fell (I hope it wasnt as a result of Chesty distracting her by bending over in front to do up her shoe lace) but fortunately there were no injuries.

Lastly, it was back through the castle and home for the fines. Dr Jeckyl and Martial Farts were fined for using nerd names. Runs Again was fined for forgetting his own name while Fruity was fined for using technology. Lastly, the Hare was rightfully fined for taking the longs back through the car park.

Next weeks trail is at East Hill Strips with Dr Jeckyl as the Hare. On-On Hashers!


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