6th September - Stowford Cross - Radiohead

Upon reaching only two hashers were on view, Tuned-In and Ring Piece who may well have been talking babies, of course this is only a guess on my part. Who am I you may well be asking, its Groucho of course !
Within the next ten minutes 27 hashers had appeared, oh plus one in the shape of Woodpecker, who always arrives at British Woodpecker Time (10 after the real time).
Our guest hare was Radiohead, I say guest due to his absence on many occasions this year, we all missed him you know! (You might of! -ED) Anyway he gave out the usual info and off we went. It wasn't long before you could hear the sounds of "are you", the hare had in his own cunning way sent us the wrong way, off the scent so to speak. Finally an on-on could be heard, in this case on to the muck and the mire, leaping over ditches and streams as we meandered off piste in dense woodland. Howling Wilf was the first of several members of the pack to end up knee high in best quality Devon mud, a sight to behold. The poor hasher struggled for several minutes, with an a crowd of on lookers, the pack. You will no doubt be relieved to hear that Howling Wilf did eventually make it to drier land. More hashers suffered the same problems, as could be seen from the state of their trainers. Our kind hare did of course put in to action his master plan, the first of three long short splits one of which had three options, long/ medium and short, what genius our hare is........well thats what he tells us.
Meanwhile the pack was by now becoming more spread out shall we say, they covered Woodbury Common, so an unofficial hash halt was created. At this halt we were all introduced to Michael together with his dog who ended up having a hash name Jaws. He is called George but most hashers misheard and thought it was Jaws....oh the irony! The dog took a shine to the sheriff for some strange reason, who else or what else would take shine to the sheriff??? After all he's only there to take money off innocent hashers. Rumour has it that this dog, Jaws, kept clipping the sheriff's trainers. Well done that dog! Michael, by the way, got lost finding the venue and still managed to catch us up, must be a good hasher, he claimed that he was unfit at the moment! (No, he rang me on my mobile!!!! - ED)
Once back at the car park the usual fines were given out by the sheriff who as usual showed no mercy. Also beer was drunk crisps and peanuts were eaten and then in a flash we all disappeared and peace returned to Stowford Cross.
Thanks Groucho - ED
Well done for all managing to turn up at the correct venue after I caused SOOOOO much inconvenience by changing it (!!!!) On On to next weeks hash at Woodbury Castle CP.


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