27th September - Lympstone Village CP - Stat Nav + Radiohead

Despite the road closed signs that were there just to try and confuse everyone, there was a great turnout in the village car park. We also managed to prove throughout the hash that City Of Exeter H3 is continually growing! As we gained 4 hashers en route!
The hash was treated to no less than 3 hares today, Stat Nav, Radiohead and guest appearance from Mudflap, all the way from Bedford. Though as we circled up Radiohead kept disappearing ....or did he just keep turning sideways??
After lots of loitering by mostly the female contingent, on on was eventually called and the pack headed off into the centre of the village, past the harbour and up into Cliff field. Then onwards past some very bemused children in the play park and down past the church where there was a sneaky fish hook at the bottom of the hill, even poor old Groucho got stuck with this one. Here was a hash halt where Tuned In, X Bitz and Itsy Bitz were waiting. It was here that Cathusalem spotted the walkers and managed to park by the village hall and join the hash.
On On they went up hill and down dale, onto a long /short split which gave the FRB's.........and Sorepoint and Chesty, a chance to stretch their legs. The run along the estuary ended on the foreshore at the sweetie stop. Despite the tide being in, tragedy was narrowly avoided by it being a neap tide. Sweeties were consumed and stones were thrown for dogs with the RSPCA almost having to be called as poor little Millie caught the stone and ended up with a cut lip and a big bump on her nose.
After a lovely stop in the autumn sunshine the trail set off under the railway bridge and cycle path onto Courtlands Estate where the hashers were treated to some spectacular views, not least of which was the sight of Radiohead doing his own fish hooks!! Wierdo! As the pack headed up hill to Courtlands Lane the heat began to have some adverse effects, a mirage appeared in front of the pack......it was John McEnroe followed by his grandad and a groupie! But no, on closer inspection, this was no mirage, it was Stains, Whiplash and Woodpecker heading in the opposite direction!
After a brief chat the pack set off on the East Devon Way with a few strategic fish hooks keeping them together nicely. Back through the brook and Mill field led to the On Home back to the car park.
Deputy Sheriff, Paperwork, handed out fines, lots of which ended up being to himself. Groucho was fined for calling Paperwork, Sorepoint. Radiohead got fined for speeding and all the latecomers were fined too.
After weeks of tormenting by the cheeky boys (Stat Nav and Spocky Bitz), Radiohead had a little surprise for them....it wasn't Lembit Opik! He had entered them both......don't be disgusting.... into the Portland half (Stat Nav) and full (Spocky) marathon. I think Radiohead hopes they will be exercising their leg muscles instead of their mouth muscles for a little while!! On On to the 23rd January 2010 boys.


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