4th October - Pine Ridge CP, Woodbury Common - Tampa

Well our hare, Tampa, excelled today for two reasons, firstly no Four Firs, Warren or Castle for us but instead an excellent trail set most of the time in forest. Stat-Nav arrived in the car park and advised us he wasn't stopping, he did look rather smart. Spocky was absent because Itsy-Bitz was not very well and was taken to the hospital. The Sheriff did the register, he certainly looked at home in this role wandering around the car park with his clip board. We set off with about 18 hashers in total, Woodpecker arriving just as we were about to start, he loves those Sunday lie -ins.
The trail started with a series of zig-zags within the environs of the car park until at last we headed for the deep part of the forest, otherwise known as the dark side. Within this area was the first of two long short splits, I, Groucho did the short which seemed pretty long, maybe the long was pretty short?
The shorts arrived at the sweet stop about five minutes before the others appeared. What was observed was that not only was the hare carrying the sweets he was eating them as well. Standards are slipping ! Anyway the pack consumed the sweets and it was off again to a view point no less, not any old view point, for the hare informed us that the Castle at Woodbury Common could be seen, he is obviously drawn to that area.
Next we rejoined the trail that we had left, went round in a loop passing the sweet stop once more then turning left back into the dark woodland, Jaws was noted on several occasions, by the way, waiting for his master Down Under to catch up, he is a very considerate dog. Finally after some fifty plus minutes we arrived all in one piece back in the car park.
Runs Again had a bag of chocolate rolls for everyone as it was his birthday. The sheriff could not think of anybody to fine but Tampa came up with a few suggestions, then Blobhoblin who had run with the pink handbag couldn't find anyone to give it too, we have rumour has it been model hashers? Blobby decided to run with it next time.
Next Sundays hash is from Bridge Inn CP, Dulverton, Somerset.
REMINDER BRING YOUR OWN SLEEPING BAG/PILLOW FOR AUTUMN GATHERING ON FRIDAY. (And if you are a lash head....mentioning no names, Ring Piece, don't forget to bring some extra alcohol! - ED)


  1. as i am a stickler for correctness i would like to point out Jaws's owner is called Down Below not Down Under. 10p fine for Groucho !!! ON ON till friday .... whoo hoo off we go !!!!
    i shall remain annonymous ..... answers on a postcard please, if youre can correctly name me - i shall fine myself !


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