1. Hash Hooligans

GM - Groucho
Hareraiser - Tampa
Treasurer - Spocky-Bitz
Sheriff - Odd-Bitz
Deputy - Stat Nav
Beermeister - Spocky-Bitz

2. Hash Cash

World of finance:
As of 29/11/2009 hash fund has net balance of £453.20
The decision was made to keep a float of £200.00 for 2009/2010 season, the remaining £253.20 to be used for a social event in 2010.
Membership fees for 2010 pegged as they were for 2009.

3. Law and Disorder

Sheriff and his monies:
Lots of law breakers this year resulting in a total of £57 being collected in fines as of 29/11/2009. It was decided to use this money for bottles of wine/ soft drinks plus after dinner mints (bit posh for hashers innit??? - ED) for as many tables as possible at the Christmas hash meal at The Imperial on Sunday 20th December.

4. Autumn Gathering 2010

It is hoped we will stay at Pixies Holt in 2010, date to be confirmed. There will be a cut off date for members to pay their monies to secure a place/ places before any vacancies will be offered to hashers from other hashes. Cut off date will be announced in the new year.
In order to keep things simple, monies must be paid IN FULL to the hash account to secure your place/ places.
A sub-group will be appointed in the new year to assist with the organisation of this event.

5. Hash Health And Some Safety

We should all try if possible to make sure at least one hasher/ hare carries a mobile phone, in case of any injuries etc where extra assistance is required, before leaving the hash circle.


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