22nd November - Knowle Woods CP - Sorepoint + Paperwork

Since Stat Nav conveniently forgot to write the blog, and in the interests of continuity, I thought I'd write the blog for my own hash, even though it's about a month out of date!
This was a joint extravaganza with Taunton and Exeter - really just a crafty way for Sorepoint and Paperwork to fulfill two obligations in one hit - so there were an awful lot of cars arriving in the woods at Knowle. We managed about 40 hashers from Taunton and a further 15 or so from Exeter, so a rather large crowd gathered, parking cars along the verge, in car parks and trying to avoid the HUGE puddles everywhere. The Taunton RA called everyone to order, then made a sad announcement about the funeral arrangements for our dear hashing friend Barndoor Fanny, who had passed away the previous week. A minutes silence was observed then off we went into the woods. He wouldn't have wanted it any other way. The on was called through the mud and away into the trees. Chesty and Horny Woman were bringing up the rear, as Chesty's hip was playing her up from all the running she's been doing with ISCA recently. Surely she should run well at Exeter and be walking wounded at ISCA, and not the other way round? Anyway, to cut a long story short, there was more mud than you would need for a couple of bikini clad wrestlers and everyone got covered in it! A couple of fallers, but I think mostly from the Taunton crowd. We made it to the re-group where sweeties were shared, and the two hashes conveniently split themselves into their normal groups. Is there some rule about not fraternising with another hash? Not sure - I manage very well!! Anyway, out of the distance came the yelping of little Jaws dragging Down Below behind him and behind him, three new hashing friends of his! Fabulous. They'd taken so long to find the start that we'd all gone and they'd followed the trail for a while, but then lost it, and asked a couple of "normal people" if they'd seen any flour or runners anywhere. Luckily they were pointed in the right direction and caught up with us just in time for sweets. Off we went again, the longs going all the way down a hill just to come all the way back up again, and the shorts just meandering through the mire at the top. About 3.5 miles is all we subjected you to, but if felt more due to wading through treacle the whole way. On back to the Wyndham Arms at Kentisbere where excellent refreshments were purchased. Thank you all for turning out.


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