24th January - Warren CP, Woodbury Common - Tampa

Well well, who would have believed it but for some strange reason no fewer then thirty-seven hashers of various sizes, ages and abilities turned up today. We didn't realise that our hare, Tampa, had such a strong fan base, what on earth is going on?! Poor old Spockybitz was dashing around the car park getting subs, checking names, he was exhausted before he started, maybe the world of admin gives him a burst of energy. The other problem was finding spaces for all the cars with many hashers parking at at strange angles, except for one, Up Yours was given acres of space in which to complete her 27 point turn. Stat-Nav was even standing in front of his car as Up Yours entered the parking arena, or was it a circus.
At last we were off but straight away someone noticed the hare was carrying a handbag, whatever next, one pink handbag for the previous weeks hash hooligan is acceptable but two needed reporting, the sheriff was of course made aware of the situation.
Within minutes we came to a grinding halt, a back check! Chaos reigned for several minutes with hashers vanishing in all directions with the exception of a few who decided to stop and have an AGM while the pack did the business. Eventually a distant cry of on on could be heard coming from over the brow of a hill or was it a mountain, anyway it was steep! Next the hare thought a change landscape might be good so away from the only common and into the darkest depths of the woodland for us with plenty of opportunities to trip over branches etc, Groucho being one of the first, scoring 9.5 for artistic impression.
Once out of the dark wood it was time for another excursion on to the common, with a long short split thrown in, at this stage some of us were beginning to ask if our hare had been a mountain goat, he loves his hills especially those that go up. However he did produce some sweets from his handbag once at the summit, not before another back check though! It was at this point that our hare Tampa gave us his reason for the handbag, he had to go and buy some sweets from a nearby shop once he had laid the trail, this hard luck story failed to impress our sheriff, he takes no messing! However even the sheriff was fined when one eagle-eyed hasher noticed at the sweet stop that the for mentioned was not wearing his offical badge of office and T shirt.
As the pack polished off the sweets we noticed that Ron, a new was missing, he had gone on the long trail, extra long in Ron's case,but Spocky being a true hasher went back to look for him. From the sweet stop there was another long/short split followed by a little more mountaineering, some of us spending more time looking at the ground rather than the scenery or even the sky. We spent about an hour and a quarter out there in the Warren Wilderness, well done Mr Hare.
Back in the car park fines were collected. Tampa being fined for proudly saying that this time he hadn't forgotten the sweets, they were in the car, then promptly set off on the hash before realising he'd left them in the car!! The pink handbag, this week modelled by Twice Daily so we would recognise her after her return following some alterations to her person!!!, was awarded to the hare, he loves handbags! Finally two new hashers were named, firstly there is the now Twin Turrets for turning up in a T shirt with a gun plus what appeared to be a gun logo on it, there may have been another reason of course, if there is let the pack know next week. Secondly Ron, who was mentioned earlier was named Do Long Ron for his commitment to wanting to go that extra mile.
On on to Haldon Belvedere next Sunday
PS Does anyone have any photos of this weeks hash please? ED


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