31st January - Haldon Belvedere - Twin Peaks + Tail Lamp

What a lovely day - sunshine, not too cold not off we set to drive to the hash. Coming along the motorway - what do we see but a funny grey cloud over to the left somewhere in the vicinity of Haldon Hill. Driving a bit further along, this becomes a full on snow shower, flakes the size of handkerchiefs. What are we doing, voluntarily driving up Haldon Hill in a blizzard - haven't you heard about all those poor people getting stuck in their cars for hours on Haldon Hill in the snow. Do we turn round? Of course we don't - we've got a hash to run!!
Quite a few braved the weather and congregated in the car park, with our hares Twin Peaks and Tail Lamp looking a little bereft. Of course, it wasn't snowing when they started laying the hash, so all the sawdust was now under a covering of white stuff, and completely invisible! Tampa, Oddbitz and Puss in Bootless weren't confident enough in their own driving, and left their cars at the top of the hill, running down at the last minute to join the throng. Off we scattered, trying, unsuccessfully to find the on. Helpful hints from the hares put us on the right track. We had to have good hearing as well as good eye-sight today, to hear the cries of "your on to check there" or "back check up ahead". Despite the handicap we managed, on the most part, to follow what the hare's remembered of the trail. It wound nicely through the woods and came out on a bike track thingy with lots of bumps and lots of furrows. The furrows all full of freezing icy water so we had to jump from bump to bump for what felt like ages and ages. Not so easy for the shorter legged hasher. Photo opportunity all crammed in under the boat sculpture. "If that's what a boat looks like, I'm selling mine" cried Oddbitz. Very short run now to the re-group at a wonderful viewpoint. From here we could look out over all below us and see quite clearly where the snow started and stopped. Very strange! Plenty of sweeties to go round - even the passing public asking if they could dip their hands in. Tail Lamp was heard to tell a tale about why he wasn't wearing his hashing trainers today. Apparently he'd left them in the car over night and the laces had frozen so hard he couldn't tie them! A note there to all you slightly older hashers - cheap viagra - just sleep in your car and no problems in the morning!
On we went again, past the xylophone and under and over the rope trips to a hash halt at the other end. Where are the walkers with the second hare? Don't know says Coffin, I was the last one playing on the ropes. Much muttering from hare number 1, as hare number 2 seems to have defected with the walkers. The runners carry on over the road and round a bit til the Birds of Prey viewpoint, then straight over the top, down the hill and wonder upon wonders - we could actually see the blobs down here! On On up the hill again to the road, and on-down to the car park.
Much nervousness at the circle as a giant truck full of hay bales was being unloaded by two Kamikaze tractor drivers, and re-loaded onto other carts. They nearly ran us all over a couple of times, and blocked the way to stop people leaving, but don't appear to have done any lasting damage. Hare number 2 had disappeared already, but having hare number 1's bag in his car, was phoned up to return said item. Serves him right for rushing off early! The Sheriff awarded fines - mostly to himself and the hares, or so it seemed and then we all departed. A few of us congregated in the Seven Stars pub in Kennford and had a lovely meal for a £5. Excellent day all round!
Thankyou to Sorepoint for this weeks blog - ED


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