27th December - Joneys Cross - Tampa

A good gathering of hashers arrived at Joneys Cross to try and shake off the excesses of Christmas. Twin Peaks looked chirpy (unusual), Fruity was looking Fruity, Ring Piece was looking hungover and Stat Nav was looking nervous as he'd agreed to run back to Lympstone after the hash with the legend that is Radiohead (guess who wrote this blog - ED).
We circled up while Tampa gave his excuses that he'd been unwell so had some help from Coffin and The Snail (I think that was his name?) laying the hash. Off they all went on this freezing and wet morning. The usual FRB's led the way and they soon hit the first long/ short split. This was good for the knitting circle at the back, today consisting of Tuned In, Ring Piece, Fruity Bitz and Chesty, not forgetting Radio Gaga, giving them an opportunity to catch up on Christmas gossip.
The longs followed a devious trail which twisted and turned mercilessly. Chip Shop and Stat nav were up front sporting their lycra get-up, probably Christmas presents? On On to meet up with Coffin who guided the hashers on. The trail continued on eventually meeting up for the sweetie stop in the woods where there was a fine selection of sweets, marshmallows, werthers amongst others. We all managed a good old Christmas gossip while we waited for the stragglers to all catch up.
Check it out the hare said and Spocky found the trail laid very much 'off piste' up through the gully ending in a scramble up a bank. Spocky seemed to enjoy this bit of rough and led the way. On we went on a lovely woodland trail with some crafty back checks and fish hooks until we finally crossed over the road. Isosceles, his son (still to be named??!!) and Radiohead were ahead at this time, only to come across a strategically placed fish hook. The trail continued along that path through quite a bit of mud, obviously the hares Christmas spirit did not extend to this trail.
After another long short split, the longs heading off through the woods, all trails led back to the car park where Brains was waiting with mulled wine and mince pies. Stat Nav decided to use the mulled wine as an energy drink in preparation for his run home.
We were let off fines today as the Sheriff was having the day off, hungover I expect! The pink handbag was awarded to Twice Daily as this will possibly be our only means of recognising her when she returns as she will have a new nose and new boobs!
Spocky was thanked for his contribution throughout the year and given a bottle of fizziness and a hoodie for X Bitz.


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