20th December - The Imperial, Exeter - Groucho

I came, I walked and gossiped, I ate a lovely meal and drank a little, in fine company, and then I drove home - now I'm writing the blog. Will that do?? No, I don't suppose it is quite explicit enough, so I'll try again. However, due to the above statement about walking at the back and gossiping, I didn't see an awful lot of what went on. I'll do my best. When I arrived (on time this year, please note) there were very few hashers attempting to stand up in the car par. I say attempting to stand up as it was extremely icy and if one wasn't very careful one could end up on ones bum - couldn't one, Groucho! As time went on more and more brave hashers joined the merry throng and by about 11.15 we were ready to toddle off. Most people had made a fantastic effort in the Christmas costume department - special mentions go to Woodpecker and Blobhoblin for trying to outdo each other in the fairy department, and of course Radio Ga Ga who looked wonderful as a reindeer. The less said about the unfortunate split in Spocky's costume the better! Cross the Zebra crossing and check it out says Groucho. So, everyone crosses the road and goes to the right. (I'd check to the left) says Groucho to me in a stage whisper, so off I toddle for the first and only time of the day in the front. On On I called then promptly found a hash halt, waited patiently and didn't see the front again all day. Anyway. We slid around the University for a bit, then managed to find a very muddy bit. The bits that are muddy where you want them to be icy so they stay solid and you don't lose your feet in six inches of cold mud - aren't icy at all - and the bits that are nice and dry and don't need to be icy are so icy that you slip and slide all over the place. Ho Hum. We managed to ruin someone's wedding photos, by gatecrashing the pics in all our santa outfits, and on we ran. There were a fair few walkers keeping up with us too, and we did manage to save them a wine gum or two at the re-group, even though there was strict rationing going on as Groucho had only provided two bags of sweeties. He was thinking of not spoiling our appetites, but really Groucho, these are hashers you're talking about, and a few sweeties really do go a long way! Off we went again down a muddy track thence onwards back to the Imperial. Apparently the hare lost himself somewhere along the trail, and even though being told it was a dead end, just had to go down the steps himself to be sure. This is an alleged statement, as I did not witness it myself, and if it is incorrect in any way, I blame Isosceles who was the grass in this instance! We just about managed to squeeze into the tiny room in the pub with a lot of chair and table sharing, but eventually everyone had their dinner and wine and chocs were provided by the Sherrif, courtesy of all those kind souls who had been fined all year round. Thank you very much and CHEERS! Groucho gave us a resume of the year according to the hash, the awards were given and the latecomers were applauded - these were Dr Jekyl, Mr Hyde, Marshal Farts and Treecreeper, all of whom had wonderful fancy dress, but had gone to completely the wrong place - the Imperial at Exmouth, not Exeter. It's closed down so I understand! Now I'd never go to the wrong place - what a silly mistake (!) ((Little in-joke for A-B hashers there). The Woodpecker Trophy - Stat Nav The Henpecker Trophy - Chesty The Junior hashers trophy - Flour Power The Bone of Contention - shhhh - it's a secret - watch this space to find out later if you weren't there! Whadda Hash Trophy - Baglady and Twin Peaks Wonderful day again. Thank you Groucho for being the hare and organising the whole thing. Thanks also to all the rest of the committee who do such a wonderful job all year round - Spocky, Oddbitz, Blobby, Tampa and anyone else that knows me! Happy Christmas and see you all in the New Year. On On.


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