Sun 11th April 2010 - Frying Pans - Blobhoblin

Well we all gathered at the usual time but not so usual place. Most of us had arrived but many had trouble finding the car park. Dynamo had found the car park but lost her friends and by missing the start of the hash set a new record as the fast recorded time for losing a hasher. Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde arrived late with Tree Creeper and Martial Farts but thankfully hadn't gone to Exmouth on this occasion. However, Dr Jekyll did try pre-paying her anticipated fine for being late, but was later rumbled as this was infact paying off an outstanding debt!!

After a quick brief from the hare the intrepid hashers were sent on their way. Within 20 meters the entire hash was going the wrong way!! Well done City of Exeter!! The hare pointed us in the right direction and we were all off again. Across the road and up alongside the quarry. At the long - short split Woodpecker decided to show the group the guile and experience to be gained after 40 years hashing by taking the short. "Where are you going?" Spocky asked as he ran past. "You're doing the long Woodpecker!"

It was soon across the road, through the woods and out into the open common. Now note - that's through the woods and into the open common!! So Dr Jekyll...why wait until you're in the middle of the open common to decide you need a pee? A long jog back to the woods for the required comfort break.

A bit further on and the hash took in some lovely views down over the resevoir (so good we all get to see it again next week!). We sensed it couldn't be far to the sweetie stop and the hare did not let us down. Blobhoblin had hiden the sweets (including homemade coconut ice) in the near-by foliage. The hashers hunted eagerly, including new boy Dave. Dave excitably held aloft a blue plastic bag, but alas on this occasion we can safely say there was more 'excrement' than excitment as the hashers collectively declined Dave's chocolate fudge.

Sweets devoured and time for a quick hash flash and the hare sent us on our way. On On!

Up over the hill (no reference intended to our senior hashers) and the trail led everyone down a tiny track. A few of the back markers were given some not so helpfully directions by the co-hare Twin Peaks. "Go right, go right" shouted the helpful Twin Peaks....whilst waving her arm frantically to the left. It doesn't take a lot to confuse these hashers but this was indeed a good effort Miss Peaks! Bewilderment over the hash continued and away down the hill raced Paperwork...that'll be the wrong way down the hill. Called back the front runners were now closing down the walkers but not before Spocky, with Itzy on his back, reached the first fish-hook. On to a regroup and then the hash lost the trail and spread out across the clearing. Cunning work by the hare had slowed the hash down but X-Bitz and Fruity were not to be fooled and cries of "On On" were heard from in the woods, as they then proceeded to front run all the way to the next regroup.

Not far to go now, but just enough time for Brains to demonstarte to Dr Jekyll how one should spend a penny whilst on a hash (well it cost her 10 pennies actually as the deputy sherrif was watching - not literally of course!). Brains had found the only portaloo on the common. And from here it was On Home and back to the car park.

A very good hash Blobhoblin and you organised some great weather. We did miss an opportunity to name new boy Dave....I propose Doggy Bag. Let's hope he returns. Next week just around the corner at Squabmoor. And whilst we're doing promos Radiohead and Stat-Nav are hares for the Devon A to B on the 24th April starting at Otterton going to a mystery location. Everyone welcome and it would be good to see you there.

On On


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