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15th May - Mamhead - Belltoll

It was an early start for Belltoll, 8am to be precise, he was already for his hare duties with flour in hand. In recognition of his efforts The City of Exeter was represented at 11am by 33 of their finest....well 33 hashers at least!Some old faces, some very old faces, Groucho's face is apparently in there somewhere and some new faces. Oh...and a new dog, more of which later! After a few mintues of discussion the hashers were called to hush for hares's instructions and to witness the now customary late arrival of Woodpecker! On On, and the hashers were off on the trail, Stat-Nav taking an early lead but went the wrong way at a check, and so Mr Hyde and Twin Peaks set the early pace. It wasn't long before we came across the first Long-Short split (now was this the one the hare advised would be the easy one or the hard one?). The Long's followed the trail at an awesome pace but turned the corner and ended up in a hash traffic jam. Belltoll's first back check of the

8th May - Three Little Pigs, Crediton - Isosceles

It was a tidy sum of hashers that gathered in the square at Crediton for Isosceles virgin hare hash, only one latecomer today, Horny Woman, tut tut. Instructions were given and welcomes were bestowed to visitors. Check it out and we were off ..... through the lanes of the town, a couple of hashers were seen to dawdle along window shopping, but were prodded and poked on by the hare. First regroup was at the local monument where we were given a history lesson by the hare, every day is a school day. On on to the old school of the hare where we were told he lost his cap gun and a reward was offered for its safe return. Sadly no one found the gun, but we were told we were to follow the cross country course the hare used to run as a boy. Apparently he held the school record for the fastest runner. Off we went over fields and through gates, we could imagine outselves as kids running along in our gym kit. Indeed Dr Jekyll and Horny Woman exchanged musings about the horrors of navy blue knic