15th August - Lympstone The Inflatable Hash - FF + PP

Our hares today were FF and PP - a good turnout for the annual inflatable hash, with everyone donning a mixed array of inflatables, from a birthing ball to a giant dolphin. Isoceles had a doctors note excusing him from getting wet and Marlene clained ignorance as her excuse for lack of air filled apparatus.
On On over the foot bridge through Lympstone with many a sunday villager giving us a double take as a bunch of people go jogging past wearing rubber rings and arm bands. We stumbled upon a small stream ....... was this it ???? was this the water we had prepared for ???? apparently not we were told by our hares.
However we jogged on to the sweetie stop with lots of lovely new fruity sweets to be enjoyed. There was a long short split with the longs leaving their inflatables in the safe hands of the shorts to carry for them. Horny woman was first to check it out .... (miracles do happen!!) but in her excitiment her inflatable kangaroo named Skippy was snagged on some prickly bushes and sustained a fatal puncture :(
Top cat was first to check it out - with a On On call that soon changed to a back check. Then it was there before us ...... THE ESTUARY
We all followed the trail, that quickly went into the water, with about 10 spectators watching us go ankle deep until we heard Spocky and Boots in Puss shouted On Call as they swam out to a large pole that had a chalk mark on it, 50 yards out from the waters edge. Tail lamp visibly paled, whilst Marlene was straight in there, (without an inflatable I may add) swimming with a white t shirt on ..... she deffo won this weeks wet t-shirt competition !!! Itzy Bitz was transported in a lovely boat fit for a princess.
After swimming around the aforementioned pole we went left the water, and jogged on through the village up a hill and through a row of beautful waterfront cottages and along the pier passing small children catching crabs in little buckets, the trail went to the end of the pier and then it was obvious we had to get wet again ..... so in we jumped into to a smelly black silt that was about 12 inches deep and very very smelly with another 12 inches of water. It was easier to crawl along on your knees than to swim. Tail lamp got stuk and had to be pulled out by Bell Toll. Woodpecker glided along like Jesus walking on water.
After we got out and were hosed down with cold water by PP we went past lots of drinkers at the Swan Inn who all gave us dirty looks that we all deserved, and then it was On home to the car park. Lots of naked hashers as we all got changed into clean and dry clothes. Fines were given out to the usual suspects and Marlene was named at last ...................... Wet n Wild ....... the perfect name for the game on hasher.
It was fantastic hash ...... roll on next years wet one :)


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