Feniton Village Hall Car Park - 22nd August

It is always nice when the Hash goes somewhere different and so the pressure was on our Hares for the day, Slip Shod (aka Chip Shop) and Pony Wire. They also advised us that there was food on offer once we finished back at the family home and also introduced us to someone called Up Yours....anyone remember her? (That just leaves Radiohead and Chad still missing in action!!).
Anyway, Up Yours clearly had not been hashing for awhile as she proceeded to give the deputy sheriff 3 or 4 feeble excuses for not hashing for so long and promptly earnt the first 10p fine of the day.
Just before we got started there was time for a quick pee.....in the interests of Health & Safety may I take this opportunity to remind any Hariets that if they intend to squat...preferably avoid doing it over neetles!! Hope you've recovered Tit-Bitz!!
And we were off....confusion at the start and both directions encountered crosses. However it wasn't long before our returning hasher 'Up Yours' found the footpath. I think she may have inside knowledge! And so the hash followed straight into an uphill path. A check was at the top and the hash was lead through the fields taking in some fantastic views of the surrounding countryside.
Stat-Nav was now up front calling the hash on, he followed the trail downhill and fond a footpath that lead under the A30 road bridge. Here Stat-Nav stood in front of the back check sign giving just enough time for all the usual suspects to get to the bottom of the hill. Once enough front runners arrived he informed them of the back check and that they had to go back up the path and find the trail.
The front runners were now at the back and looking ahead could see Spocky with Itzy on his back running up the hill. How satisfying then that he was the second person to the next fish-hook!! Tit-Bitz, still recovering from 'stung-bum syndrome', was clearly not herself and despite clear instructions at the start that fish-hooks were for the first 5 set off on her fish-hook even though she was the 6th person there.
Also not listening to instructions at the start was Sorepoint. At the next fish-hook she only went back to the first hare. 10p fine would be administered later and in her defence she exclaimed "there were 4 others that didn't go back as well". "But I only heard you moaning about it" said the deputy sheriff.
The hash was lead up through fields with bemused horses looking on at this strange bunch of humans. For the brave amongst us the hash was lead over the horse jumps...although we did notice a few refusals at the jumps! Then it was down the lane to the hash halt. Some criptic instructions followed from the hare, and the walkers were lead off by Pony-wire, whilst the runners were invited to check it out. "Petrol" came the call from FF....petrol?? That's a push bike!! "Sorry, not petrol!".
The runners headed up the hill and at the top took in some more stunning views. Note to hashers, don't try walking through fields full of cow-pats whilst looking up at the views!! At the top, we temporarily lost the trail but as the hare remained at the bottom of the hill we guessed which way it was. On the way down a familiar figure was seen coming out of the bushes...PP was caught pee peeing!! After a couple of cunning back checks the trail arrived at somoenes back door. "Do we go in?" asked Twin Peaks. Another hash first....hashing through someones house, let's hope they didn't mind, particularly in light of what we had just stepped in! Through we went and out the other side to the sweet stop.
After the sweet stop we were soon back out in the country. And straight into a field of bulls. Not a good day to be wearing red PP. On On!!
A bit further and we got to our Short, Long and Long-Long split. The Long-Longs enjoyed their trip to Somerset before meeting up with the rest of the pack at the second sweet stop, or 'grape' stop. That was 'grape' not 'grope' Paperwork. From here we weren't far from home and so it was soon On Home and we were ready for a well earnt drink and the food promised by the hares at the start. (some hares will try anything to get extra points!!)
A very good trail with some fantastic views of the surrounding countryside. Well done Pony Wire and Slip Shod. And well done Up Yours for putting on some lovely hash grub afterwards....your almost forgiven for never coming! On On!


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