17th October - Uphams Plantation - Stat Nav

Well it was 11o'clock and the hashers were ready to circle up. But where was the hare?
Radiohead - the original hare was in London - hare duties hand been handed over to Stat Nav. But where was he? In the nick of time he appeared. Apparently, he had got lost on his own hash....why do they call him Stat Nav?
Anyway, circle over it was On On to the first check. A little bit of confusion later, well cunning back check, and it was On On through the woods. Soon the hash came upon the first long - short split.
The longs went racing off but the majority of people decided to undertake the shorts. The hare followed the shorts but went back to ensure the longs were on trail..."who's behind Spocky?" asked the hare. Dr Jeckyl and Woodpecker he replied. So the hare went back...and found Woodpecker...but where was Dr Jeckyl?
"Don't worry about me" said Woodpecker. So Stat-nav ran on. On until he caught up with everyone else. Luckily, the carefully placed re-group brought us all back together. But it also meant the Hare could see how many hashers had been lost so far. Well it didn't take long to identify that a couple of hashers were missing in action.
Woodpecker....ok the hare had gone back to find him......and...Dr Jeckyl...she was missing! A worried Stat-Nav asked the group when they last saw here. "You've lost my best friend!" exclaimed Up Yours. Martial farts did not seem quite so concerned..."where's the dog?" he asked? Thankfully this was no reference to his Mum...but the four legged family member.
Just as Stat-Nav was turning pale, Dr Jeckyl appeared...On On, and on to the mud pools of the commando challenge. The hare, still concerned about Woodpecker, was quite surprised to see our senior hasher ahead of the group a few minutes later. Cunning fellow that Woodpecker.
Up the hill to the sweet stop.
After the sweet stop, the hash encountered a cunning back check before going down hill, then up to a Long - short split. "how far is it?" asked Dr Jeckyl. "Well, I am laying it on behalf of Radiohead" said the hare. This did reduce the numbers on the longs but it has to be said it was a good run. The weather was perfect and from the top of the hill the hashers could see Portland Island. What a clear day!
Soon it was on back to the car park, beers and nuts, and fines! Birthday songs were given to Flour Power, Groucho and Twin Peaks. Next week, we meet at Clyst St Mary...Tampa's hash....Brains birthday!

On On!


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