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19th December - Imperial, Exeter - Groucho + Twin Peaks***The Christmas Hash***

A band of 30+ hashers arrived at The Imperial for the Christmas hash in a varied assortment of festive-ware braving the snow, ice and general mayhem on the roads. For some bizarre reason we circled up at the entrance to the pub - whether this was to be near the smells of wafting food and beer or to cause general bemusement to those who just wanted a pint remains a mystery! Anyhow we were given our instructions by the day's illustrious hares, Groucho and Twin Peaks, and told to follow the trail laid out in a beautiful shade of pink flour (or was that mauve or red or orange or ...) On on out the pub, across the zebra crossing and round we went slipping and sliding as only truly graceful hashers can go. After Emerald falsely leading us astray into some woods (what have we said about that before children?) we found the trail once more leading us up a treacherously slippery slope. Clearly we were not the only ones who had some difficulty here - what looked like a rather mis-shapen

5th December - Haldon Belvedere - Wide Receiver

The morning was frosty and icy as we gathered in the car park, some of us having already encountered black ice on the road there. Still, a number of hardy hashers turned up....ooooh, about 18 I think? We were informed of many fish hooks to come and a sweetie stop, by the hare as well as giving us clear instruction to be careful as they were some very icy parts. Off we set heading towards Lawrence Castle itself only to have a quick regroup with hash flash at the very beautiful hash halt. Off we set again only to shortly after, have the first casualty of the day. Howling Wilf took a very hard tumble onto his backside, was he not listening to our hares warning earlier? With a couple of short cuts for the walkers the trail headed off into the frost laden forest, with Itsy Bitz urging X Bitz to polish up her ice skating skills on the puddles. We then came to the next treacherous bit of the trail as we headed down hill on some very slippery slopes. With Wide Receiver keeping at the back to

28th November - AGM

Several hashers attended the AGM at the Aylesbeare Inn after the hash, the following were agreed: GM: Groucho TREASURER: Spockybitz BEER/GOODIES-MEISTER: Spockybitz HARE-RAISER: Tampa HARE SCORE MEISTER: Blobhoblin SHERIFF: Stat-Nav DEPUTY SHERIFF: Oddbitz BLOG MEISTER: Tuned In BLOG REPORTER: Slipshod plus others There will be an Autumn Gathering 2011, venue to be confirmed. There will also be a celebration upon reaching our 500th run in late March 2011. Agreement to use Forestry Commission Land and pay fees to them when the need arises. To have at least one mobile available on each hash in case of emergencies. Sheriff fines monies to be used for the Christmas Do.

28th November - Joneys Cross - FF + PP

FF and PP did the damage as trail layers today and what a trail it was, frost, water and mud, indeed a rich cocktail. The surprise was the number of die hard hashers that turned up, in total, my personal mole TwinPeaks, who is good at maths, claims she counted 41 hashers! There was a mini fashion parade of winter clothing on view, coats, hats, scarves and of course gloves. The hares informed the pack that "it was one and on", after which statement several hashers were heard to mutter, got up late did they, the one and on is often the indicator of late getting up syndrome. Next the hares, bless their cotton socks, sent is over the road and away from the car park into the Artic Tundra that stretched before us. First there was the ice, several hashers enjoying a short skate, I refer to hashers like Top Cat and Scarf Face to name but a few. Next came a series of water features, in this case featuring hashers like X-bitz, Blobhoblin, Fruitybitz and Groucho who chose various me