16th January - Newton Poppleford CP - FF + PP

What a grey day today remarked Tail Lamp as we all waited for the bewitching hour of 11.00 hrs and as we gazed up to the heavens he was right, with Larks Vomit adding its not raining though.
Soon the hares FF and PP appeared in their hare-mobile, we, like all good packs, circled up and listened to our hares giving loads of information, one hasher, Blobhoblin, appeared to think there was going to be a written test following on from the info so he tried to hide at the back of the most orderly pack.
We set off with a pack of 19 putting on a good show as we headed down the high street to the first check whereupon the show ended and mayhem took over until at last the trail was found.
The route led us down a narrow footpath were X-bitz suddenly found the need to give us and Itsybitz a range of farmyard animal noises which, so I am informed, were very good, but she was still fined for being "all animal". What on earth was going on in the sherrifs head! Horny Woman was also pushing out the boat when she asked Groucho at one hash halt, how he was this morning where upon he started to cough, Horny stroked his chest, the cough disappeared and his chest suddenly started to expand, what powers Horny Woman has, some hashers were heard to remark.
We plodded on our merry way once more leaving the environs of Newton Poppleford behind us heading instead for what seemed to be the Devon Alps. Spockybitz had a burst of energy and left the rest of us standing, well walking/climbing to the next check where we encountered Spocky running towards us, he looked some what relieved and we all knew why, he was of course fined. Next came a long short split, those of us taking the short route choosing to walk except for one hasher, Tail Lamp, who elected to run. Oddbitz suggested that he was showing the rest of us "shorties" up and should be made to go back and join the longs, he too was of course fined.
The sweet stop was also greeted by rain, who may some comment about the weather at the beginning ? Once consumed with sweets on merry band of damp hashers moving along at various speeds in a forward direction I'm pleased to report.
Once the distant sight of Newton Poppleford could be seen the pace quicken except for one hasher, Doctor Jekyll who had a brief encounter with mud choosing to fall into it, what a sight, but there was only muttering and laughter at this fallen woman with little sympathy being shown. We manage to all find our way back to the CP where the usual refreshments where available fines given out plus the stories associated with and of course we all expressed our thanks to PP and FF for a great trail


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