23rd January - Warren CP, Woodbury Common - Tampa

A cold morning greeted the pack as they slowly emerged from the warmth of their vehicles awaitng to arrival of our hare Tampa accompanied by his trusty dog Ben. Once the circle was formed we were informed of a hash virgin who was amongst us, Twin Peaks son-in-law introduced himself as Dan, that name won't last for too long. Tampa then explained the various bits to do with his trail, Oddbitz was asked to be Deputy Sheriff and what a splendid job we weree sure he would do.
Within minutes of setting off came the first of several long/shorts the first one splitting the pack in half. Baglady set the pace for the shorts so much so she was seen running back not because dropping something but because of a fish-hook., what shame ! However not to be out done Tail-Lamp also encountered this fish-hook, his first fish-hook since 2005 rumour has it, how come he managed to avoid them for so long ! Our virgin hasher Dan was led astray by mother in law Twin Peaks poor lad had to do a series of fish-hooks, has he now been put off hashing for life ! Once at the sweet stop the pack were involved in a "search and rescue" situation trying to find the sweets, I'm pleased to report that they were eventually found and devoured by the pack in record time. Two hashers in the shape of Tail-Lamp and Woodpecker decided to go on an un-authorised checking expedition whilst the pack were munching their sweets before being told to check it out by the hare, they were of course both fined. Once off the pack viewed new Warren terrain, Tampa's favourite place, most of us are convinced he would live there if he could. Anyway back to the plot, our first real venture into some new woodland appeared before us and very nice it was too, the longs venturing deeper into the wood for a short time whilst the shorts plodded on towards the general direction of car park from where we started an hour earlier skirting the edge of the same wood. The final leg of the hash involved a steep climb were our cunning hare had laid a series of fish-hooks, how cruel can hare be, see Tampa for details.
Once at the finish we all had the usual refreshments from the Spocky-mobile before fines were given via Oddbitz our deputy, Tail-Lamp was given the pink hand bag and matching pink "t" shirt for several sins on the hash by the previous handbag carrier Dr Jeykll. Woodpecker made an appeal for someone to help him lay his trail at Mutters Moor, can anyone help ?
Groucho asked anyone is prepared to sign the online "SAVE OUR FORESTS" petition as many currently owned by the Forestry Commission may be sold to private individuals or groups.
Next week the hash will start from Core Copse East Hill Strips Hare Slipshod


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