30th January - Core Hill Copse, East Hill Strips - Chip Shop + Up Yours

Well the merry band of hashers gathered to brave another cold and windy day. After some initial suicidal tendencies of Wellie the dog providing fun and games for passing petrols the group circled up in a somewhat dazed fashion to begin the day's briefings. Just as Groucho was launching into his sermon for the day did Dr. Jekyll turn up nearly mowing the band down as she came in. No sooner that than Woodpecker decided to make a somewhat spectacular entrance with wheel-spins and slipping and sliding around the car park - driving skills indeed!

We were without our appointed sheriff for the day so Twin Peaks ready came to the fore and volunteered her services. Concern was also expressed over the food and drinks (well beer) given Spocky wasn't there either. However Larks Vomit said he had 6 bottles of beer in his car (why?) and the thought occurred to us whether there was going be another spiritual event of turning 6 bottles into 6000 - it wasn't to be sadly as Dr. Jekyll appeared with the crates of food and drink.

Two virgin hashers were welcomed to the motley bunch, everyone on their best behaviour not to put them off too soon! Onto the hares' instructions - duly welcoming Up Yours in her virginal capacity as such. Trail in flour, 3 and on, backchecks to the last three, fishhooks for the first 3 and 3 long-shorts.

Down to the woods we went following some sneaky trails and backchecks this way and that. On arriving at the main path confusion began to set in as the hashers searched in vain for the trail - was it in the woods, was it down or up the path. One of the hares suggested one route but no trail! Oh dear oh dear! Some in-fighting broke out between the hares but all was resolved without any blood being drawn (not that blood wasn't drawn later!). Well all was not lost and we continued along the trail back into the woods for the first long-short. Thence the trail led on through a path with a rather vertiginous fall to one side but nice views through the trees and onto the first regroup.

By this stage the day's exertions were beginning to take their toll on a few hashers, not least a couple of the younger players. So Up Yours took them by the hand and, Hans and Gretel like took them down a short cut. Would we ever see them again we wondered? Dr. Jekyll and Sorepoint demonstrated their powers of observation by going down a false trail and missing the cross so they ended up on a rather long check. So as on-on was called we galloped down the trail the sun beginning to warm our chilled bodies.

What goes down must come back up again at some point and this was no exception. Down the hill only to reverse and come back up it again. Those brave enough to do the next long-short were treated to another down and up affair and then treated to yet another down towards the river where the sweety stop awaited.

There was some relief expressed at this point as the Hansel and Gretel story did not manifest itself with Up Yours appearing with the children - sweets always seem a good incentive!

The need for sun was overwhelming for some and the regroup was moved along a 100 yards or so just to get supplies of Vitamin D topped up a little; well we can't imagine it would have been to get a tan at this time of year! Sweets abounded with chocolate bars and liquorice allsorts etc for everyone to have their fill. No sooner had the sugar rush abated than two visions of splendour came into view: Tuned In and Horny Woman had caught us up! Well what more excuse did the hashers need than to tuck right back into the sweets again and catch up with the news the new arrivals brought from the outside world.

We couldn't stand around for too long as not even the sun could keep the chill wind at bay so on we went back up the hill again. It was at this point that the hashers were beginning to wonder whether they had entered a war zone as gunshots could be overheard very close by indeed! Were we welcome, were we trespassing or would they think we were bright pink clay pigeons? Well into the trees we ducked for cover and glad to be away from those loud bangers.

On home we galloped ready to tuck into the food and drink provided by Dr. Jekyll. Fines were aplenty this week with no misdemeanour left - Twin Peaks is clearly no to be messed!

On on to the next hash 6 February 2011 - Mutters Moor car park, Woodpecker as hare. Woodpecker also invited the group to join him at the Bowd Inn (outside Sidmouth) for lunch. That pub was chosen as the road from Otterton will be closed so hashers will need to detour round Sidmouth to get to/from the trail.


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