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6th March - Tipton St John - Dr Jekyll

Lovely sunny morning greeted the pack today at Tipton St John where our hare was eagerly awaiting. Today the pack was nearly 30 strong which was a good turn out, One hasher from Totnes, Squashed Balls, appeared for the second week on the trot. Also there was no Slipshod, is he still in Ashclyst Forest, and no Stat-Nav and as sheriff he was failing in his duties or absent without leave. It was mentioned that his hands are slowly slipping off the Woodpecker Trophy, for record number of appearances. Odd-bitz stepped in and did the honours with his usual splash of humour. Cousteau set off at his usual pace, fast, only to be seen some time much later, even the greyhound in the pack could not match the boy for speed and as a result elected to stay with his master, the one and only Dr Jekyll. We encountered a certain amount of road at the beginning with uphill bits thrown in for good measure, which soon had the pack well and truly spread out like a thin layer of marmalade on toast. As luck

27th February - Silverton Village Hall CP - Groucho + Tail Lamp

Well having appeared here for last weeks hash Slipshod did not repeat for this, todays hash, perhaps he went to Ashclyst Forest instead. Anyway some hashers did make it one hasher in the shape of Squashed Balls even coming from near Totnes to be with us. Groucho set the trail/trial assisted by a local villager in the personage of Tail-Lamp who informed Groucho on several occasions that he did know this area of the trail ! Due to a local shortage of flour the trail was one and on, what can I say ! We set off meandering around the village streets to the amusement of some of the locals who asked what we were doing and why were we doing it ! A full 15 minutes passed by before we left the tarmac surfaces and headed on to mud glorious muddy terraine but it only lasted for 5 minutes then it was back to country lanes. Several hashers seemed to enjoy viewing the village building, perhaps they might move to the village. We all stopped at one house in particular, Tail-Lamp's residence where

20th February - Ashclyst Forest - Sorepoint + Paperwork ***Joint hash with Taunton***