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3rd April - White Cross CP - Slip Shod

The pack today numbered twenty-five who waited eagerlyfor the arrival of our hare, one Mr Slipshod, yeet to the surprise of all he appeared on the scene in his car. He informed us that the trail was finished at 10.00 am so he went home to see his beloved, remember it was Mothers Day. and to have a cup of tea. Anyway minutes before he,Slipshod had arrived another hasher in the shape of Doctor Jekyll left the car park,by car to find a more natural environment todo natural things and I don't mean to powder her nose.She was of course fined by our acting sorry I mean deputy sheriff Odd-bitz. FF was also a little concerned implying that he felt slightly undressed without the pink Tshirt to match his pink handbag. Eats Shoots and Leaves came to this hashers need making his feel more complete as well as less cold. Finally the circle was formed but Ben the Dog just carried on doing his own thing hismaster Tampa the shouted sit but there was no reponse, so Tampa shouted even louder, this re

27th March - Squabmoor Reservoir - Spocky Bitz


20th March - 500th run - Stoke Woods Upper CP - Groucho + Twin Peaks

Well the hash has managed to reach its 500th run thanks to the support it has received over the years, with our numbers now averaging over 23 per hash. For this the 500th over 40 hashers appeared to form the hash circle, this certainly moved on from the seven hashers who came to the very first hash, four of whom were my family members and friends, from the very same venue. The trail was laid by my good self, Groucho, with of course the assistance of the one and only Miss Twin Peaks who it is rumoured knows the woods like the back of her hand. We started the hash with a long short split for a change however Geronimo decided to guide the longs in the right direction to rejoin the shorts, I think he felt sorry for them going over rough terrain, bless his cotton socks. The hares had a cunning plan that involved yet another long short split only this time Geronimo left them to it. The same familiar faces lead from the front when the longs reached the next hash halt, PP, Stat-Nav, Radiohead