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22nd May - Joneys Cross - Woodpecker

Well upon arriving in the car park with my travelling companion, Miss Twin Peaks, we noticed Mr Woodpecker sitting on the boot of the pecker-mobile looking like a character from Toad of Toad Hall slurping his morning cup of coffee. He greeted us and had that look of a satisfied hare, a job well done, I am of course refering to his trail. He revealed nothing, well a fully clothed hare won't, would he ! Somehow this hash produced a pack of 36 + hashers all, well nearly all, biting at the bit. We set off at the usual blistering pace for about 200m only to encounter the first of many Woodpecker specials, I refer to the dreaded back-check. The actual trail was not found for at least what seemed like five minutes, then it was on-on skipping over Heather, she didn't mind passing gorse, one female hasher remarking she had been pricked many times. Stop complaining ! After another five minutes of continual speed we entered a forest, whereupon Woodpecker, the hare, was at his most cunnin