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4th September - East Hill Strips - Jekyll + Hyde

Well what an experience todays hash turned out to be, great trail and great BBQ these hares certainly pulled out all the stops. With the bewitching hour of 1100hrs approaching, the pack were ready for the off, all that was missing was the second hare, FF remarking that he had not seen "hyde nor hare" of him, which made many chuckle in the pack. Jekyll remained calm and started to explain the trail, the usual stuff, when from nowwhere appeared Bell-Toll in his car, late of course. He then told us this story about why he was late, blaming his car which apparently got stuck in some mud/ditch whilst avoiding another vehicle, he claimed he was rescued by a kind local who got both the car and Bell-Toll out of the offending mud. At last we were off at a blistering pace, well, we were going downhill some of the pack achieving gallop mode. Tail-Lamp complained that his body could only just keep up with speed of his legs, somehow he managed to stop at the bottom of this never ending d

Summer is over Christmas is coming

As we say goodbye to the summer, thoughts of Christmas appear. Groucho has booked The Twisted Oak, Ide for our Christmas Hash Awards ceremony as we have now outgrown The Imperial. It'll be Sunday 18th December with room for 40+ people. Christmas fancy dress as always is a must.

Grizzly Entries

Entries open on Friday 23rd September and will sell out fast. Cost is £28 but this is the 25th anniversary of this classic race and promises to be well worth it. Some say the race is very tough. It covers 20 miles of East Devon undulating terrain. Further details can be found at