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Catching Up

Where has the year gone? It is time to think about the Christmas Hash. Having grown too big for The Imperial, the Christmas Hash on the 18th Dec will be laid by Groucho (expect a debacle) from the Twisted Oak in Ide and much merriment (annual prize giving) will follow afterwards in the pubs conservatory, holding 43 people comfortably. Groucho has asked the hash theme to be red and green. Shortly before this,on the 27th November, PP and FF will lay a hash from Pine Ridge Car Park Woodbury Common and afterwards the AGM will follow at Spockys house. It would be great if anyone has any thoughts or ideas for improving The City of Exeter H3 that they could either attend or let Spocky/Groucho know. Particularly any ideas for The Autumn Gathering. Finally congratluations to X-bitz and Tuned In who are expecting babies early next year. It is not known when Mudflaps baby is due but its looks like pretty soon!

November Hashes Directions

Nov 13th Four Firs CP Woobury Common,86495&st=4&ar=y&mapp=map.srf&searchp=ids.srf&dn=555&ax=303184&ay=86495&lm=0 Nov 20th Pynes Hill Exeter,+Exeter,+EX2&searchp=ids.srf&mapp=map.srf Nov 27th Pines Ridge Car Park Woodbury Common

Autumn Gathering 2011 Pinkery Outdoor Education Centre Exmoor

What fun was had!Good to see hashers from far and wide.Many thanks to Spocky Bitz on a mammoth effort.A few photos of the weekend can be seen on Photos supplied by Bell Toll who not only won the orientering but had time to take pics at the same time! PS It has been noted that sausage sales in the Exeter and East Devon area have slumped since Boots in Puss wore his fancy dress outfit!!