Boxing Day Hash - Joneys Cross - Tampa

Tampa and his now famous Boxing Day Hash along with some fifty hashers, made an appearance, some from distant lands like Essex, now home of Chesty. Also present was Radiohead, a Devon man so I hear. Blobhoblin decided to bring every living member of his extended family. I am pleased to report they all survived this Tampa hash experience. There was however no Tail-Lamp who it is reported is still too delicate to hash, perhaps he is still recovering from the last Tampa trail/trial.
The hash venue was of course Joney's Cross, able to cater for the large number of cars that just seemed to keep arriving. Spockybitz was last, very unusual, some members of the pack were becoming a little edgy and several large sighs of relief were heard as he emerged from his car as he had the beer!
Once given the normal instructions we were off, well some of us were whilst others carried on talking, no checking it out for them then ! We meandered around like a giant snake for about the first ten minutes after which a series of small worms would best decribe a aerial view of our merry hashers.There were plenty of check backs, which did allow our hare to maintain his normal degree of cunning, he doesn't change that Tampa. Geronimo managed to fall over several times, once in the mud chest first, lovely dive, I believe he scored 9.5, Tom Daley look out.
About six hashers were fined for using nerd names on the hash, Miss Twin Peaks our new sheriff inviting others to drop few hashers into it, she was well pleased with the response.
Anyway well done Tampa, a HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL and on-on to Blobhoblin Manor, 9 Westcombe Alpington


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