1st January 2012 - Blobhoblin Manor, Alphington - Blobhoblin/Groucho

This New Years run produced many hashers in various states of health, the most common being 'oh my head' and ' I'm tired'. Blobhoblin was there to greet the gathering throng along with the hare Groucho, both of whom were also looking a shade frayed around the edges. Woodpecker not wanting to turn over a New Year Leaf still arrived late, no change there then, eventually the rabble formed a circle which was feat in itself, not a bad turn out though with about thirty making up the pack. We all set off at a rather pedestrian pace, some finding the on on at the first check a challenge, they got there in the end thanks to Twin Peaks. We ampled by the side of a drainage ditch for about ten minutes before reaching car show room land where several hashers decided to look at cars instead of trails, Oddbitz was suspected as being the ringleader and was thus fined. If that wasn't enough Woodpecker then decided to go and look at motorbikes, he too was fined, by now some of us thought they were on a shopping expedition. Finally the pack were nearly all together as we now headed for the Exeter Canal via a railway crossing and the first long/short, the long's going over the canal passing Double Locks before rejoining the shorts at the sweet stop. So there was another long/short the long's going near to Lidl was the hare tempting fate, but no, as it happens as Lidl was closed. Once more the pack reformed, not a reformed pack I should add and we made our way back to Blobbington Manor. Back at Blobbington Manor mince pies and mulled wine were served by the lady of the house, Twin Peaks gave out fines, no mercy even at the start of the new year, she certainly takes her role as sheriff very seriously, fellow hashers you have been warned. Thanks go to Mr and Mrs Blobby for inviting us into his manor and a Happy New Year to you lot.


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