11th March Exminster Rocky,Stix,Speedy and Bollards

I managed to get Speedy to write something and then Stix followed it up.
It was a sunny day
There were no clouds. There were fish hooks,
on ons,
back checks,
sweety stops,
and lots of different things also there are some refreshments
or if you preferred you could have some
water. Written by Speedy.
Speedy and Rocky were so excited about laying the trail, and then haring it! Speedy wanted to put marks down every three feet, and I'm not sure that Rocky really understood that he wasn't supposed to tell everyone which way to go at the checks. At the top of the hill I heard him shout "On to check! This way" as he headed over the stile! But it turned out to be a beautiful day to haul our battered bodies around the Parish of Exminster, and we spent a couple of seconds thinking of those less intelligent than ourselves... those who had decided to do the Grizzly! The pack was small, but perfectly formed, with Groucho, Tail Lamp, Woodpecker (who arrived two minutes early!), Tampa (with nuts), Oddbitz, Baglady, EJ and Isosceles, plus us. Speedy introduced the trail (as Groucho pointed out later – the youngest ever CoE H3 hare!) and then set off around the allotment field, to find the first long-short split. The shorts headed up the hill along Deepway Lane, while the Longs shot off with Bollards to the bottom of the valley, along Dayspottles Lane, and up one mother of a hill (the appropriately named, Coffins Lane, by the look of Woodpecker’s face by the time he got to the top!). The Longs caught us Shorts up some way past the motorway bridge as we headed to the sweetie stop/viewpoint overlooking the marshes and the city. 4 bags of sweets were consumed (most of them by Tampa?), after which we headed back down to the A379, past Matford Farm and back into the village (with minor diversions around the Environment Agency grounds and Devington Park). Oddbitz and Tail Light seemed to enjoy their hand-in-hand stroll – it’s so nice to see new romances blossom on the hash! I decide to abandon Bollards’ final loop around the houses, since we were all together, and it being 12.15. Beers, scrumpy, nuts and crisps were enjoyed in the sun in our back-garden. Thanks to all for coming! On On Stix


  1. this is why city of exeter h3 is so good.It is great to involve children and see their pleasure


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