26th February Aylesbeare Inn Dr Jeckyll

Well in medical terms the trail today could best be described by the patients,in this case the hashers, who responded well to the treatment handed out by our hare, Doctor Jekyll thought that we were all making satisfactory progress, although there is still room for improvement in our overall condition.We had several guests today including Radiohead, Stat-Nav and TomTom, two of whom are it is rumoured are suffering from a touch of being "loved up" our doctor could not suggest an instant remedy although Stat Nav did ask for some tablets. Anyway the signal from the hare was given and we were off, off where nobody seemed to know, not for the first five minutes any way, then our hare gave us all a hint, we like hints. As if by magic we were out of the village and running along the side of a stream, very nice it was too.Soon came the first of three long/short splits, the injured, old and lazy taking the short route, that will be Groucho then along with Blobhoblin ! Oddbitz set the pace on this the short trail, only to reach a stile to be spoken to by and and lectured too by "the lady of the village" walking her dog, who quizzed him as to why several hash dogs were not on leads or did she mean why weren't the hashers on leads, perhaps she thought some of us were wild and menacing.In fact she had a go at poor old Oddbitz about the dogs, whilst he in turn just stood the foaming at the mouth and smacking his lips. Anyway we all carried on as normal in our abnormal way until we reached the next check where upon we realised that on of our number was missing, Mr Woodpecker had disappeared, had he to been subjected to a tongue lashing from "the lady of the village" poor bloke what a fate or had he gone to find the lay by where Dr Jeckyl had caught a middle aged couple having relations earlier that very morning.Then up stepped a brave hasher in the shape of FF who it must be said volunteered to go and search for our missing hasher. I can report that Mr Woodpecker was found surprisingly still in one piece but in a disoriented state, he'd got lost(really?)Next we viewed a free range chicken farm which was eggciting the noise was amazing from what must of been 500 chickens all busy clucking about in this giant chicken playground a sort of home on the range(wheres colonel Sanders when you need him?)The usual goodies were enjoyed at the sweet stop with several locals watching us from behind curtains and garden hedges wondering what was going on.
I can report that we all made it around the rest of the trail and back to the Aylesbeare Inn from where we set off seventy-five minutes earlier. The usual fines were given out by Twin Peaks who was armed with her black book containing the names etc of those who had strayed from the straight and sometimes narrow. Stix was fined a pound because of his breaking of several rules amongst the list was the use of nerd names and using technology whilst hashing.Woodpecker went into poet mode whilst in the circle and explained that when lost earlier on the trail he made up several limericks one of which he recited.
A nice change to run in a different area and what a pub!


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