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26th August - Deepway Green, Exminster - Stick Insex

For once I can report that it was indeed a lovely sunny morning as we all gathered to await the arrival of our hares Bollards and Stick Insex. Three long shorts had been included in the trail plus both urban and rural environs added to which was a major road crossing where Tail-Lamp did his lollipop man routine and a railway where Groucho supervised crossing the said railway, as well as being in train spotter mode giving us all value-less railway info. Twin Peaks was busy as usual in her role as sheriff for ever making notes in her little black book about lawless activities being committed by members of the pack.There was the sweet stop of course, but close to a herd of menacing cattle who managed to keep their distance, or did we do the same, anyway our eyes did not meet. Once all safely back at our starting point we adjourned to the hare's house for a b-b-q in continuous sunshine and very nice it was too.Thanks to the hares for todays hash and food, a job well done.

12th August - Casa Groucho - Groucho

The trail was laid, the hashers came, but so did the vertical rain, washing out half the trail within ten minutes, so wet were we that we all took shelter under a canopy of a student accommodation block. Once on our way again the longs managed to get lost only to meet the shorts some twenty minutes later in a place where they should never have been. Gradually Groucho managed to lose more hashers with only half of them making it to the sweet stop. Luckily I can report that the whole pack made it back to Groucho's, with tales to tell, for a b-b-q with believe or not wall to wall sunshine.

5th August - Exeter Arena - Twin Peaks

Just to say thank you to Twin Peaks for stepping up to the plate and laying the trail at very short notice. I think she should get a medal !

Woodpecker update..........

Mr Woodpecker is, I'm pleased to say, now home with Mrs Woodpecker and is receiving lots of TLC. I, Groucho along with Tail-Lamp went to see him today, he was in good spirits and asked to pass on a big thank you to those who sent cards or rang up to see how he was. He hopes to hit the trails once more by late November all things being equal. He has, in the mean time, been told to take it easy and report back to the hospital in six weeks time for a review.