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Hash from Carter Avenue Exmouth

Words from Blobhoblin on the Hash on 20th February:   The hash that nearly never was. A small bunch of dedicated hashers turned up at Carter Ave. But where was  No 74?  No problem Oddbitz had the answer. We were on the row  with odd numbered houses, the evens were on the other side. However as the environment agency had closed the road we would have to take a small detour. Which eventually led  us to 15 metres away on the other side of the roadworks. The Stix had by then discovered where 74 was (next house to 73). But still no hare and then a familiar face popped up in the observation tower of 74 and next minute in the street with complete embarrassment. Plodernator thought that his hash was next week. But he soon organised a live hash. Which most of us completed until we lost the trail. Back at 74 Plodernator re-appeared with Beers and sweets which we enjoyed on his veranda. So all well that ends well.