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The Obelisk, Mamhead 26th Jan 2014

Another extremely shiggy trail laid by Groucho and Beanbag, who filled in for Paraprick because he was off on his travels.  There was some pretty rough terrain, and it rained for most of the trail.  But a pack of 23 hashers, including the family of "Dave from Dawlish" enjoyed the lay.  Just like last week, lots of splashing too, with Itzybitz taking over from Speedy.  And it was Fruitybitz's last hash before setting off for pastures new.  Good luck! 2 comments need to be made about food.  Firstly, Beanbag was seen eating an apple at the sweetie stop - outrageous.  Secondly, our apres hash nuts were upgraded from tesco value salted peanuts to dry roasted - very nice.

Forest Gate, Ashclyst 19th Jan 2014

A lovely couple of very shiggy trails from Twin Peaks.  We were promised a quagmire, and thats what we got!  But the sweetie stop was a brilliant sunny position, and Bollards found a pair of boobies in the fruit pastilles.  Speedy decided to splash everyone, but Tampa got our revenge.

Belltoll's trail from King George V Playing Fields

Hash Flash at the Sweetie Stop Spocky having fun on the zip wire at the second re-group